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Choosing the Best RPO Model for Your Business

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According to a report of 2019, around 73% of employers face problems in finding the appropriate candidate for their organization. Also, about 75% of the global workforce consider themselves passive candidates, which means that they are not actively looking for a job. This makes the job market quite tough to navigate for employers. Apart from that, the changing technology and increased regulations make the job of finding a suitable candidate more challenging. It would be unfair to expect the HR department to handle the recruitment process and other duties at the same time.

There is a more resourceful and effective way for organizations to meet their recruitment needs in the form of Recruitment Process Outsourcing. RPO companies not only specialize in the hiring process but are also well-versed in labor laws and regulations. Their hiring methods are based on extensive research, and the advanced tools they use make the entire recruitment process smooth and fast. They have a ready-made talent pool which increases the quality of the candidates that you hire. This saves a lot of time and money, both for the organization and the candidate.

The benefits of RPO companies are many, but apart from that, you also need to decide their exact role. Some companies give them the responsibility to manage only a part of their process, while some organizations outsource the entire hiring process. There are three types of RPO models available.

Let’s take a look at the different ways they can help your business.

On-Demand RPO

Every organization experiences some volatility in its hiring needs. At times, there are hiring slowdowns, and sometimes there is a spurt in recruitment needs when an organization is on the path of growth. If your organization struggles to meet the recruitment demand, On-Demand RPO can prove to be a significant resource in meeting those expectations.

On-Demand recruitment helps organizations to meet their short-term talent acquisition needs. It focuses on speed, flexibility, and hiring industry-specific talent.

In this model, a team of recruiters will be deployed to understand your requirements and recruiting challenges. After understanding your needs, the team will start working on recruiting the most suitable candidate for your organization who is not only educationally qualified and experienced but has the right personality to suit your organization’s work culture. You can engage with them as long as it takes to meet your hiring demands. You can rehire them if there is a similar need in the future.

On-Demand recruitment can scale up or down the recruitment process according to the organization’s needs. It implements cutting-edge technology and works in a transparent manner along with the hiring manager. The best RPO company in the USA keeps improving and innovating recruitment programs for the best results.

Project-based RPO

In this model, the RPO company does not take over the entire recruitment process but is hired for a specific role or project. For example, if the in-house recruitment team is fulfilling the hiring needs of the company, but there is one particular department or division that is facing a fluctuation in its workforce requirement, then the RPO company is hired for that division’s hiring needs while the in-house recruitment team continues to focus on the rest of the company.

Similarly, if your organization acquires a new project or is launching a new product, instead of stretching the resources of the in-house recruitment team to the thinnest, an RPO company can provide the required talent. This kind of model is perfect for short-term needs that have specific objectives.

This model can also help in understanding if it is fruitful for your organization to outsource the recruitment process to a third party.

Full-Service RPO

Full-Service RPO is the most significant and efficient model that covers all aspects of the recruitment process. From advertisement and interviews to marketing and employer branding, full-service RPO pushes its resources through all the segments of the hiring process. The savings with regard to money and time are substantial.

The RPO company will understand the entire recruitment process of your organization and will reform its structure to make it compatible with the working of your company. It will work with all the departments to ensure that their hiring needs are met. Another great advantage of full-service RPO is that if the hiring manager wants to take part in the recruitment process, he/she can do so while using the resources of the RPO company.

These are the three basic RPO models. They are flexible and can be molded according to the requirement of the organization. It must be understood that RPO companies bring with them the level of expertise that is rare to get and has helped many companies increase their stock value. If you find it hard to choose the best model, you can talk to the RPO expert of the firm and make an informed decision.


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