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Economics Master of Education: What Doors does it Open for you?

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Courses based on economic theory and in-depth study of economics in areas of interest

This subject is based on a wide range of education, with a broad vision to correctly grasp the actual economic trends, and aims to cultivate economic policy talents who can prompt and adapt to modern problems. For this reason, it is divided into the following 3 courses. To systematically master the complex economy, the “Social System Course” composed of various subjects centered on system analysis, the “Policy Information Course” that cultivates the ability to adapt to the information society, and the “Environmental Culture Course” that cultivates a deep understanding of culture and environment”, to arrange courses that enable students to focus on the key points of interest. The course you belong to is selected when you go through the enrollment procedures, but you can change it at the end of the second year if you wish. It is possible to train teachers to serve as high school “information” subjects, which is also a relatively rare feature in the liberal arts system.

Social System Course

This course is based on system analysis and focuses on studying economics tuition and industrial structure from a historical and geographic perspective. To this end, the goal is to cultivate the necessary theoretical, historical, and institutional basic concepts, as well as the ability to internationally think about the choice of arguments about the modern world and Japan’s latest politics and economy.

Policy Information Course

This course focuses on studying the applied fields of economics such as policy analysis and financial analysis. Due to the advancement of information technology, the modern economy requires a high degree of analysis and forecasting capabilities from a broad perspective. To this end, based on the study of economic theory, information processing, and quantitative analysis techniques, the goal is to master the ability to analyze specific issues such as fiscal, financial, and social security policies based on objective data.

Environmental Culture Course

Although this course is based on economics, it does not adhere to its framework, and it is a comprehensive and interdisciplinary study of economics and society. Environmental issues, the gap between the rich and the poor, religion and other issues that have become global issues are deeply connected with the differences in cultural structures, and it is limited to solve them with the existing academic system. From the broad perspective of environment and economy, culture and economy, the emphasis is on mastering the concept and method of “discovering problems”.

Master of Education: what doors does it open for you?

Getting involved in education means perfecting skills and techniques essential to the learning and teaching process. If you are interested in it, you can do the Master in Education and thus raise your professional level. In the following lines we will detail this field of study and what doors it opens for your future work.

Master of Education: study content

Education, the process of which involves people with diverse knowledge and skills, is a very broad area. Due to economic, technological and social growth, this field requires people with multidisciplinary and professional training that responds to educational demands.

The education is a determining factor for the development of society. Its impact is different in each country, but its main objective is to instill values and knowledge that identify people.

A Master in Education belongs to the area of study of the social sciences and the humanities. This postgraduate allows to deepen on the methods and techniques of teaching and learning.

In general, the content of the Master in Education covers the following topics:

  • Learning theories and strategies
  • Philosophy of education
  • Educational communication
  • Development of educational evaluation tools
  • Educational multimedia and virtual training
  • Design of educational innovation projects and learning models
  • Construction of didactic processes
  • Teacher evaluation

Studying a master’s degree in education has several advantages, such as:

  • Understand current and global educational content
  • Deepen teaching and teaching experience
  • Intervene in the development of teaching programs
  • Understand new technologies to promote learning
  • Understand educational policies
  • Grow professionally and be competitive in the educational market

Where to study a Master in Education?

In Chile there are several options to become a professional person in education. These are some of the Chilean universities that offer this postgraduate study and other related ones:

  1. Master in Education at the Pontifical Universidad Catholica de Chile.
  2. Master of Education at the University of Chile.
  3. Master in Education at the University of Santiago de Chile.
  4. Master of Science in Education at the Universidad Mayor.
  5. Master in School Management and Direction at the Universidad del DeBartolo.
  6. Master’s Degree in Education and Teaching at the Maratha Center for Higher Studies.

It is important to mention that some of the aforementioned universities offer honorable mention in curriculum, evaluation or teaching and even an official international degree.

Professional opportunities for the Master of Education

The field of action of those who have a Master’s degree in Education is in the educational area, and covers different areas. Some of the career opportunities are:

  • Directorate of educational institutions
  • Educational management or coordination
  • Teaching at various educational levels
  • Research of teaching programs and educational innovation

As you have seen, if you are interested in improving the education sector, opting to dedicate yourself professionally to this field and studying a Master’s in Education is a very good idea. What can be the best educational center to study this Master? It will depend on your interests and needs. Remember to consult the educational content of each university in order to make the best decision.



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