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Best Angular Component Libraries for Web Development

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Angular is one of the most popular front-end development frameworks. It has created a lot of buzz in the mobile app development industry by facelifting incompetent processes and solutions. 

Angular was developed by Google and is based on Typescript. It has a huge community, and hence there are innumerable libraries developed by the communities. These are the component libraries of Angular that enhance the utility of the Angular framework by extending its capability.

A component library of Angular is a cloud-based folder with all the designing parts of the website or software. These component libraries automate the iterative tasks, thereby saving a ton of coding time. These libraries plug the holes during the web and mobile app development process

Why Use Component Libraries for Developing Angular Solutions?

The component libraries bring general solutions to your business like- automation of data entry, managing data, presentation, and many more. Below are a few of the many benefits of these component libraries for enterprises.

  • These libraries allow developers to break front-end development into reusable modular blocks, making the development process faster and smoother. The components can be reused in different parts of the project, eventually reducing development costs. Hire an Angular development company to build cost-effective next-generation Angular apps for your business.
  • Reduces application development time for developers and helps developers to deliver solutions to enterprises on or before time.
  • Lesser efforts are needed to build complex applications enriched with features that reduce the cost of development.
  • The Angular component libraries reduce maintenance costs and offer quality stabilization of solutions.
  • UI components are also called styling and designing assistants of developers. These components are used to give customized, user-friendly interfaces to web solutions. Enterprises can contact the Angular development team of a reliable software company to get a unique solution as per their goals and requirements. 

The Best Angular Component Libraries for Creating a Business Solution

It can be a tedious task for you to cherry-pick one component library from the vast variety for your upcoming project. So we have curated a list of top Angular component libraries to give you an out and out view of each library. Let us dive in.

NGX Bootstrap: It is a widely used Angular component library. With a 7k star rating on GitHub, it has become a popular choice for Angular developers because of the following features:

  • Wide range of inbuilt style and design templates.
  • UI components are compatible with various desktop and mobile platforms.
  • High performance
  • Well thought and clear documentation.
  • Easier to read and maintain code.

Prime NG: It has approximately 6.6k stars on GitHub and is popular among tech giants like- eBay and Fox. 

Its features are:

  • It has more than 70 UI components
  • Offers different forms with different fields
  • Provides a wide range of buttons and message formats.
  • Well defined timeline
  • A wide variety of styling templates

Material2: It is an official Angular component library. It offers an impressive range of tools to build tailor-made components to provide a high level of interaction patterns.  

Its features are: 

  • Easy to use
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • UI components for advanced mobile UI development
  • Faster Angular app development
  • Supports a variety of platforms

ag-Grid: It offers more than 63crore features exclusively for enterprises. 

Its features are:

  • Ease of customization and integration
  • Fully stacked data grid
  • Capable of comprehending large data sets
  • Intuitive API
  • In-depth documentation

Onsen UI: It has 8.2stars on GitHub for developing HTML5 hybrid mobile apps. It is an open-source UI component library.

Its features are:

  • Capable of building multi-platform web applications
  • Supports Android and iOS development
  • Easy access to ready-to-use UI components
  • Enriched toolbar
  • Side menu and dialogue box for a native look
  • Easy to set up and learn.

Nebular: It is an Angular UI library based on the Eva design system.

Its features are:

  • Server-side rendering
  • A large variety of visual themes
  • High-quality Angular components
  • 40+ UI components for developing customized apps with some security models
  • Easy-to-use components


The libraries mentioned above are extremely popular Angular component libraries that have given new dimensions to Angular app development. These components are very beneficial in fabricating customized, highly responsive apps with expensive features for your enterprise. You can take the help of proficient and experienced app developers to help you choose the suitable component library for your Angular solution. You can also hire a front-end app development company to get custom applications for your business. 

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