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A Simple Guide For Solar Water Pumps

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Nowadays, solar products are gaining huge popularity in the market. These devices have slowly started replacing many traditional machines. Being completely natural and renewable products, they provide quality with efficiency. Some of the popular uses of solar energy can be seen in solar water pumps, solar purifiers, solar grids, and solar water heaters. All these devices utilize the heat and light energy of the Sun. Not only that, these devices are easy to install and maintain.

Today we are going to talk about solar water pumps. These pumps use solar energy that is later on converted into mechanical energy. Additionally, the solar water pumps can be equipped in various government and private sectors. Some companies also provide customizable water pumps in the market. The number of such devices has tremendously increased in the past few years. This is due to severe power shortages in many areas.

The main advantage of solar water pumps can be seen in agriculture. This has helped in creating self-reliant farmers. Now the farmers are not dependent on the main grid to get electricity. As a result of which the farming methods have entirely revolutionized.

You will know more about the solar water pumps in the coming paragraphs. With this, we will help you to understand how this product can create a self reliant India.

What are solar water pumps? 

The solar water pumps are a combination of a solar electricity generator and a water pumping machine. Both the devices are installed inside a single unit. They are utilized to drive the groundwater into the mainland.

These solar products can be used to irrigate the fields, provide water to live-stocks and supply water in urban and rural areas. Moreover, the solar water pumps are capable of forcing a high amount of water into different areas.

The power of a water pump depends on the motor system. Large areas may require high-capacity motors to disperse the water. Therefore, choosing the right pump for a particular sector is quite necessary.

Many companies have started producing these products. The main purpose of any solar product is to become self-sufficient. Using these devices guarantees more productivity along with less wastage of resources.

Working of a Solar Water Pump 

The entire process of the solar water pumps can be divided into two stages. The first stage is dedicated to generating a continuous power supply. While in the second stage, the main process is executed. A brief description of both these procedures are given below:

  • Initial stage

In this part photons from the sunlight are absorbed by photovoltaic solar panels. These semi-conductor panels then generate an electric current in the circuit. This current is directly used or stored in rechargeable batteries. When power is needed, this stored energy is utilized by the system. This entire process only needs direct contact with the sunlight. After that comes the next part of the solar water pump.

  • Final operation

Once the generation of electricity is completed, the machine is ready to deliver power. Large motors are placed inside the device for pumping water. This is the main component of any water pump. It does all the pulling and pushing motion for driving the water outside. Thus, it requires a high amount of electric current.

The readily available current is passed on to the motors. In this part, the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy takes place. As a result of which the motor starts operating. With the help of this motor, the pumping process begins. The pressure is created inside the pump that pulls the water out. With a continuous supply of electricity, the water keeps on flowing outside the tubes.

Lastly, the water is either dispersed or collected in a particular area.


There are several benefits of using a solar water pump. Some of the important features are listed below:

  • Ease of access.
  • Can be placed in remote locations with no main grids.
  • Increase productivity by providing a renewable and natural device.
  • Doesn’t require any fuel or additional help.
  • Lasts for a long period.
  • Seamless installation with minimal maintenance.
  • Helps to reduce the overall load of the main power lines.
  • Creating opportunities for a self-reliant India.
  • Saves and time and money.
  • Zero wastage.
  • Completely environment-friendly.
  • Can be equipped in various sectors of our country.

Becoming a self-reliant India

Our nation is moving towards a new modern era. The main components of this new world are improved infrastructure, digitization, and creating a self-reliant India. With technologies like solar water pumps, all this can be achieved.

With the help of these devices, our agricultural sector and rural areas can work on their own. Installing these products at a particular place eradicates the use of traditional methods. Any individual owning a solar device can self-sustain without any help. Hence, the dream of a self-reliant India is not far.


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