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Greener India: Including Sustainability in the Global Warming Equation

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One of the major crises humanity faces currently is none other than global warming. The world has repeatedly faced numerous cataclysms due to climate change in the last few years. Global warming can be attributed to many of the natural disasters that have been rocking the planet. Of all the reasons that have been harmful to the planet, carbon emission is one of the main causes behind drastic climate changes experienced by humanity in the last 100 years. The primary cause of this rising carbon emission rate is the consumption of fossil fuels. As a developing nation, India itself has been gradually moving towards the use of greener energy. 

Even so, given the scope of India’s infrastructure and industrialization, the change has been slow. The anti-environmentalist attitude in most people is the reason why carbon emission rates haven’t been stomped out yet. It is also the reason why global warming has been allowed to undesirably affect the overall stability of the planet. It is not only important to move towards greener options, however. To properly take care of the growing carbon emission rates and other causes in India, sustainability has to be a priority. After all, what’s the point of increasing dependence on renewable energy if a reliable supply is not possible? 

The only way to address the issue of reliability comes through sustainability itself. While it is well known that renewable energy sources are almost limitless, they are also subject to various limitations. Hurdles like geographical features may block access to hydroelectric power for some regions. The same may be said for certain regions in India that may not be able to utilize wind power efficiently. Even though there are climatic conditions to take into account, solar power is the only renewable source that can be accessed almost anywhere.

Sustainability Through Energy Management Education

Sustainable power generation and usage can only be guaranteed through the use of efficiency as part of the process. Hence, corporations will have to understand that using power responsibly and efficiently results in increased gains. In fact, the effective use of energy management will also help cut down on the recently increased carbon dioxide emissions that are causing climate changes. Beyond saving costs as a reason also lay the cause for keeping away the adverse effects of fossil fuel reliance. This is why it is important for corporations to focus on proper management of energy through innovations in processes as well as, newer technologies. Innovation on the other hand requires staying up to date on the latest norms and standards of energy management through education. 

Energy project management course has already found their way into the academic fields through numerous technical schools in India. However, corporations will only be able to efficiently use energy management when it goes beyond the technical field itself. A proper understanding of energy management requires managers to have better control of the managerial aspect as well. After all, saving on energy resources is more than about dealing with the technical aspects, and will require energy managers to deal with company policies as well among other factors.

There are a few business schools in India that offer an understanding of both aspects of energy management through an MBA energy program. Even though most aspiring energy managers go for an MBA, a better and updated option would be a postgraduate diploma in management. Business schools like the NTPC School of Business for instance include updated information in their course so future energy managers understand the inner workings of the energy sector as well.

What’s The Alternative To Energy Sustainability?

India as a country understands the need for energy management. Actions have in fact been taken by the governments to promote the use of efficient technology innovations. Along with the use of renewable energy, this will help promote better control over carbon emissions. However, without the reduced dependence on fossil fuels, opting for energy management would be for nothing. In fact, the future of every country is directly dependent on how energy is created. As long as energy sustainability is available without promoting any undesirable impacts on the planet, it’s an excellent option.

How Can Solar Power Help Better

Sun is a huge source of energy that has been largely going unused for millions of years. Albeit much of it is filtered out by the atmosphere, there is still a lot of energy that can be better used to power India’s energy sustainability. The concept of energy sustainability for India does not just end at having an almost-constant supply of renewable energy. Self-sufficiency has been an important factor for India in the modern world, and energy sustainability is one way to get to it. The idea of self-sufficiency is not just regarding the creation and use of energy through renewable energy sources. The concept of sufficiency aims towards a sustainable economic model that is centered around energy to provide for the people of India, regardless of their economic conditions.


Energy conservation, sustenance, and self-sufficiency is the best way India and the rest of the world can escape the scope of global warming. In fact, energy conservation is the best gift humanity can work towards for the next generation. The increased consumption of fossil fuels is drastically affecting how stable the planet stays along with the slow demise through the effect of climate change. While nature can heal itself, humanity needs to shoulder half the burden by shifting to better options of harnessing energy, among many others. There are numerous other factors that contribute to the national carbon emission rate and must be tackled gradually. 

Creating greener energy will require governments and corporations equally to apply innovations in how energy is utilized. India understands that climate change is one of the biggest problems humanity is facing in modern times and should focus on reducing dependence on fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy sources, for a greener future. India will only truly shine against the backdrop of the effects of global warming and climate change at that moment.


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