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8 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Codeigniter Framework

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Along the improvement process of website development, various frameworks also have been introduced in the market. A PHP MVC-supported codeigniter framework is also widely recognized because of the ease that it brings to the development process of web applications. However, still, there are a lot of tactics by which you can get even better output from it. Here are 8 powerful and effective ways to improve the performance of this framework.

Consider using the ORM library

Though, the list of pre-built libraries in this framework is pretty long. But, still, a chicago il codeIgniter development company can use an ORM library to boost the performance of CodeIgniter. Using the third-party data access layer in spite of the Object Rational Mapping is also an option. ORM allows using the desired language to write these libraries. You do not have to go into the technicalities while writing the code, as it will automatically understand the desired functionality. It is easier to embed these ORM libraries into this framework, and then you will not require SQL to manipulate the data.

Create a library for most used functions

There are some such functions that you will be used repeatedly during the development process of a web solution. Creating the same coding blocks, again and again, will increase the development time. Rather than repetitive coding, the codeigniter development chicago companies also prefer to create a library for the most used functions. For example, to check the user authentication, you do not need to redirect them to the main login page. Rather create a login check() function and call it whenever you need to do it. Keep adding all such functions to this library over time. Definitely, the performance of this framework will get boosted because of this. 

Make proper use of sprites

Performance optimization of the CodeIgniter can be made in many ways. Hence a website powered with it will also show a good performance because of this. Another method that top development companies in chicago opt for is the usage of sprites. This method is combining the different small images into one image containing all of them. CodeIgniter helps to do this with much ease. It is the best method for the icons or other commonly used images. Making these images sprite will present the specific portion from that one image, and hence the requests going to the server will get reduced. It will increase the speed of your website. 

Remove the index.php file from the URL 

SEO-friendly URLs can contribute a lot to the overall site ranking in the search rankings. You can use the CodeIgniter smartly for this purpose. A default index.php extension is added to the URLs while building a web application through this framework. So, it is recommended to remove this extension from the URL to make it search engine friendly. Rewrite the engine by adding a small piece of code into the server. You need to add this three-line code into the htaccess file. This little hack will improve the performance of your CodeIgniter website. Avoid using this extension wherever you can. 

Remove the unnecessary libraries

There is access to libraries with the hundreds of functions that are used in the website development process. However, all of these libraries are not required for the development process. Every expert chicago il codeigniter development company opts for such little hacks to improve the web development process. Remove all such unused libraries from this framework that are not in your use. Only keep the most and frequently used libraries. It will provide you some extra space over the server where. You can perform various other tasks or could increase the data of your website. 

Use the query caching technique

Cashing is such a phenomenon that can narrow down the response time for uses accessing your website through different digital devices. In order to get this benefit, you require enabling the cashing in the CodeIgniter. As a codeigniter development chicago firm or an individual developer, you need to provide innovative solutions to the clients. It will provide you a database class on enabling the cache without doing it manually. This database class reduces the load over the database against the queries generated by the online users. A single file will present the data to all users accessing the same information over a website. 

Validate and sanitize the user inputs

With a little effort, you can secure the database from the SQL injections and then the tempering in data stored in it. For this purpose, you need to make validate the data by a function offered in the CI. top development companies in chicago improve the performance of CodeIgniter using the global settings option. It is a filter that will run every time a user will try to access the account by putting the login information. Another function, sanitize_filename(), also aids in validating the information provided by the user. 

Consider the content compression

A huge amount of data is fetched to a website, including the textual content, images, videos, and slides. Accessing all this data requires a higher bandwidth. It will lower the impact of your services in remote areas with a poor internet connection. You can improve the performance of this framework by making a little change in the configuration file. Set the variable named compress_output to be true in the congig.php file, and it will occupy less space over the server. 

All these mentioned methods are much powerful and effective to increases the performance of the codeigniter framework. It speeds up the development process and will also provide a refined web solution as a result. There is a lot more you can do to increases the functionality, like the proper use of the loops.


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