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How And Why Does Your Front Door Add Value To Your Property?

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Most people look into renovation options because they plan to sell their property or simply because they feel like enhancing their home’s curb appeal. If you, too, have been feeling the same lately, you must be wondering which features of your home need to be repaired and replaced to increase the net worth of your property.

However, complete renovations and repairs can cost a lot of money and time. Fortunately, door replacement and renovation can quickly transform the outlook of your home to a considerable degree.

With this in mind, you would want to know how front doors can increase the value of your property.

Does the front door increase your home’s property?

Since the front door of your house is an integral part of its facade, renovating it can add a significant value to its overall cost. Thus, it is only fair to say that focusing on the front of your house makes a huge difference to its monetary value.

Significantly modern composite front doors can help you to increase the net worth of your property immediately. Primarily that is because it gives a futuristic aura.

Whenever you make any significant home improvement, you would naturally want to consider the ROI (return on investment). For instance, a complete project with a skyrocketing ROI would enable the homeowner to sell their house at a much higher price. In terms of statistics, replacing one’s entry door is proven to increase the ROI by 74.9%.

With ROI as high as this, one could easily add around three-quarters of their front door cost back into their total home value. One can also add even more value depending on the type of the installed doors.

How can a front door add value to your home?

Replacing or repairing the current  front door of your house can quickly increase the value of your home and the following are some supporting reasons:

  1. It attracts the buyers

Having an appealing front door can automatically attract everyone’s attention to your home. Thus a potential buyer is likely to be attracted if they are walking or driving past your place.

  1. It makes the visitors feel greeted

Nobody wants their guests to be greeted by an unappealing door because it forms the impression of not just your home interior but also about you. Therefore, even if you are not interested in selling your property, updating your front door would make you more comfortable inviting your friends. Furthermore, it would fill your heart with glee every time you try to step through your front door.

  1. It adds colours

Getting a new front door or upgrading the existing one allows the homeowner to add a new colour to their entrance. However, you need to be extra careful about the colour selection. That is because certain shades or colours are more fitting to the facade of your house than others. Moreover, you need to consider the composition of your doors. That is because specific colours only look good on certain door types.

You also need to consider the pool of your potential buyers. If their general taste leans towards modern style, you should go for contemporary composite front doors in the UK and choose the colours that accentuate its contemporary design. Similarly, if most of your prospective buyers possess traditional taste, getting a heritage door with relatively traditional colours is your best bet.

Painting your front doors might seem a lot of work, but it is certainly worth it, especially if you are thinking of selling your house. However, if you doubt your ability to do it per se, feel free to contact us at Door Centre, for we are the best door makers and renovators in the United Kingdom!


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