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7 myths about toll-free numbers

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Toll-free numbers are gaining immense popularity these days. These numbers with the prefix 1800 in the format 1800-ABC-DEFG are available in India that business organisations use for client communication. The customers can call the customers free of cost, and the company bears the cost of the call. There are several myths about the toll-free number service which need to be busted so that there’s clarity on the solution.

So, let’s bust some myths about toll-free business numbers-

  1. Are the Toll-free numbers free for real?

Yes, the toll-free numbers are absolutely free for the customers/ callers. When they call a company on its toll-free contact number, they can speak with the business without incurring any cost. The call charges are transferred to the business, which bears the cost of the calls. So the customers/ callers incur zero costs, and we can say that the toll-free contact number is free for real.

  1. The Toll-free contact number is an obsolete technology.

The above statement is not true. A toll-free contact number is a cloud-based number. Cloud Communication is the latest technology that more and more companies are using as it is affordable and offers several benefits. It allows organisations to manage their business from anywhere. Hence, their soaring demand. The solution helps companies to be available 24×7 and effectively track their marketing campaigns. This is because they can easily collect customer feedback via surveys and polls and know about the customers’ sentiments. The solution is easy to install and set up in a few minutes compared to the traditional Capex technology, which requires heavy investment and is complicated to manage.

  1. The toll-free contact number is the same as the Virtual Number.

No, they both are not the same. The Toll-free business contact number is always free for the callers, while the Virtual Numbers may not be. In addition to this, businesses can obtain Virtual numbers similar to that of the local numbers. On the contrary, a toll-free contact number is specific to a country area code. In India, toll-free numbers are available with the prefix 1800 followed by the 7 digit unique numbers.

  1. A toll-free contact number is costly.

It is untrue. On the contrary, the solution is available at affordable prices, and many reputed cloud communication providers are offering the solution at competitive prices. Moreover, businesses can benefit from the high ROI the solution offers.

  1. They don’t have any advanced features.

The solution is equipped with several features that make it a beneficial solution. It offers capabilities beyond enabling callers to call them with zero call costs. With IVR Integration, multi-level IVR menus are provided to customers to resolve their queries faster. The call recording feature helps in data analysis and improving agent productivity, and call routing provides faster caller connectivity.

  1. They Don’t increase business.

 Toll-free number service offers Tracking and monitoring capabilities. A business can collect valuable customer feedback and implement the required changes to meet customers’ evolving demands. Zero call costs, Brand value, Call recording, Smart call routing- every element impacts the customer service. It helps to engage customers better and retain them. In this way, companies can offer better CX and increase their business.

  1. It is not easy to get a toll-free contact number.

It is effortless to get Toll-free contact numbers, and there’s a high demand for cloud-based technology, and top cloud telephony providers are meeting this demand effectively. You can rely on a reputed provider to buy the toll-free number service. You can even book a free demo or start a trial and use the technology to get acquainted with the innumerable benefits of the solution.

The Bottom Line:

From the above discussion, several myths have been busted about the Toll-free number service. It gives business organisations clarity on the solution and the benefits they offer. They can use the technology to provide seamless client communication and enhanced customer service, and it will help them manage business operations effortlessly.

Businesses can rely on reputed cloud communication providers to keep pace with the changing trends and benefit from the latest cloud technology. They provide the toll-free solution at competitive prices and offer high-quality service.

Knowlarity is a leading cloud communication provider that offers the toll-free number at the best prices. Book a demo for the software or start a free trial. Get more information by visiting https://www.knowlarity.com/voice/toll-free-number.



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