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Useful Tips To Remove The Stains From Bluestone Tiles

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We all are aware of bluestone tiles that are popularly used in various interiors and exterior areas.  The reason why the majority of homeowners prefer bluestone tiles is that they are durable and offer an appealing look to the place.  As every tile have their own pros and cons, bluestone tiles also have certain disadvantages so, if you are going to use bluestone tiles Melbourne for any of your indoor or outdoor projects then this blog might be useful for you. Keep on reading the blog till the end to understand whether bluestone tiles will suit your project and its maintenance essentials!

The bitter truth is that oil spilled on the bluestone tiles is that if oil gets spilled on it

It can be difficult to clean and it may even leave an oil stain on the tiles. To make better use of bluestone tiles. it is necessary to understand in which area. Bluestone tiles are the best suites to preserve their longevity.


As the elegance and beauty lie in the flooring. It’s crucial to maintain it with proper care to enhance the beauty of the property. Bluestone tiles are no different from other tiles, in fact. It is a stone similar to granite that is popularly using. At indoor and outdoor patios, swimming pools, and many more. Whether it is oil or any other stain. It is important to clean the stain to preserve the appearance of the blue tiles.

  1. Using an old cloth, blot any remaining oil puddles on the bluestone. Make sure not to massage the oil because this will spread it out and produce further stains.
  2. Pour around a liter of clean water into a bucket and add two teaspoons of household ammonia. Using an old stick, combine the ingredients.
  3. Scrub the oil stains on your bluestone pavers using a gentle scrubbing brush that has been dipping in the ammonia solution. Finish by rinsing the pavers with clean water and allowing them to dry.
  4. If the oil stain is still visible, spray the bluestone with mineral spirits or acetone and let it sit for a minute. Then, using the scrubbing brush, scrub the entire area well. Allow drying after rinsing with clean water.

If you’re trying to remove an oil stain from bluestone pavers inside your home. Make sure to open all of the windows and doors in the vicinity to ensure that the space is thoroughly ventilates. When cleaning bluestone, you should also use rubber gloves to protect yourself from potentially dangerous chemicals.

Final thoughts, 

keep the above points in mind if you have chosen the blue tiles for your project. Take advice from the experienced Bluestone pavers Melbourne to get your project done with perfection.  Bluestone is widely using everywhere it’s important to clean, seal and maintain the bluestone tiles to preserve their appealing appearance. Have a habit of cleaning stain immediately to prevent staining on the tiles or else it can be near too impossible to remove the stain and may degrade the shade of the tiles if over cleaned using artificial cleaners.


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