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6 Tips To Prevent Your Mind From Wandering In Meditation

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Meditation is one of the best yogic techniques that help connect you with the higher self. It is highly beneficial if you have a busy lifestyle especially one riddled with stress day in and out. However, one thing you should be clear about is that meditation does not help you stop all thoughts. You should learn to get used to thoughts interrupting the meditation session and not worry about it.

Your mind generates millions of different thoughts in a day. Some of them take you back to happy times while others create feelings of discomfort and fear. Meditation brings your mind’s focus to a single point where you are just a witness to these thoughts. A common problem you might face during a meditation session is your mind wandering off again and again. Enroll in a reputed spiritual healing retreat to bring your mind back to meditation session without hassle.

With that said, yoga experts from around the world have come up with some pretty simple tips to keep your mind focused on one place during the meditation session.

How To Prevent Your Mind From Wandering Off During Meditation?

Given below are six powerful tips to keep your mind in one place during a meditation session.

Draw With Your Breath

You should experiment with different breathing techniques during meditation. Try the drawing breath technique where you draw various shapes with proper inhale-exhale hold. For a Balancing breath, you should have the shape of a square in your mind. Yoga experts recommend you should have a visual element in your mind while doing this exercise.

Write What You Think

If you have a lot going on in your mind, it is beneficial to carry a journal in every meditation session. All you need to do is write down whatever thoughts come to your mind without analyzing them or reacting to them.

Simply write down everything you experience during the meditation session. Join the best yoga retreat in India to learn long breathing techniques and have a clearer mind.

Count Your Breaths

Your mind loves to jump from one thought to the next, meditation is the best technique to keep it focused in one place. An effective way to keep your mind focused is via breathing exercises which also relax your body. All you need to do is start by counting each inhale and exhale, starting from 1 till 20.

Do not be hard on yourself if your mind wanders off in the middle. Simply start from 1 and continue the count.

Visualize What You Think

Instead of fighting your thoughts during the meditation session, simply welcome them. Keep in mind the things you resist will always persist. Welcoming every type of thought would take away their power to mentally impact your life.

For example, take your mind as a blue sky and thoughts as clouds. You let the clouds come and go as they please. This way, neither do you depend on your thoughts nor they impact your day-to-day life. Enroll in a spiritual healing retreat to learn everything about the best meditation techniques.

Practice Daily

The number one thing you should remember is to regularly practice meditation. Simply choose one particular spot to kickstart the meditation practice. This way your mind will be ready for what to expect when you sit at that place.

In other words, a daily meditation practice will give you the power to bring the mind under control.

Try Guided Meditation

Remember, there is no wrong or right way of doing meditation. A great way to bring your mind to focus is by trying guided meditation. Guided meditation is done under the guidance of a yoga expert who gives you the necessary assistance to bring the thoughts under control.

Since your brain is busy listening and following instructions during class, the thoughts cannot run around freely anymore. You should enroll in the best yoga retreat in India to learn everything about the guided meditation technique.


Meditation helps focus your mind on important things. Enroll in a reputed spiritual healing retreat to learn the secrets to controlling your thought pattern.


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