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5 Reasons Why People Like Site Audit App

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Paper forms and excel spreadsheets are handy tools widely used for audits and multiple checks among businesses. For many firms, changing how an audit is done is not on priority as, for many years, the same methods and practices are happening. Firms do not want to change or fix something that is not broken. But what if you could experience your business with efficient, smooth, and digital audits?

We will provide you with five top-reasons why people are shifting towards the site audit app instead of using paper forms and excel spreadsheets. Customers get the real-news through digitalized audits. Once you get to know the marvelous benefits it offers, there is no going back.

  • Audit reports are time-consuming

As an auditor, you have to conduct audits, walk around multiple locations or premises and then go back to the desktop computer to compile every single excel report, link pictures, scan paper evidence(if needed) then deliver it on schedule time. This may cause delays in the entire procedure if a single step is taking time. So basically, manual audit reports are time-consuming. Site audit app brings a solution to this, get an audit done through your smartphone or tablets; the steps mentioned above are automated. Devices let you take pictures instantly and attach them to your reports. Tap responses and notes; add comments only if required. Through a button, a professional audit report is generated, which can be stored and shared. People who have enjoyed this app reported 5x times faster auditing and reporting with efficient outcomes.

  • Data Consistent and Traceable

Every user has their mindset, and with that, they fill the forms and modify spreadsheets. It can be tough to keep track of your created documents date, by name conventions, tracking when the document was last modified and edited by whom. These are all complex procedures. There could be a requirement to provide an instant report or evidence about an audit which needs a go-through in the track-recording cabinet. Audit apps save these hassles and let you search through a click with well-organized and maintained folders. Furthermore, when it is time to update your inspection checklist templates, you can ensure all your colleagues and team members are using the latest version and taking the operations forwards.

With digital checklists’ help, you can easily add special conditions and demands to ensure the data collection has quality and any immediate update is visible on everyone’s device. Automated time-stamps, GPS location, electronic signatures, and other high-tech functions allow grabbing the consistent and auditable data without the user needing to edit it manually. You can add multiple authorizations within the system, so only particular users have access to edit certain information.

  • Efficient Communications

It is challenging to keep the version control in manual audits, and communication is not reliable for spreadsheets or papers. The other thing is to share the official auditing reports with the managers, review and approve them, and take necessary actions on them. A more significant benefit of using digital audits is the instant speed of communications. Instantly compiling reports that are automatically distributed to a pre-determined emailing list, with the notifications and reminders. It means the finding will be shared now and resolves the problem quickly.

  • Audit finding actioned

As an auditor, the main aim to conduct audit checks is to ensure quality and safety issues and non-compliances. How can one make sure that someone has taken action on your findings? Information can be lost in emails; accountability is not clear, and sometimes daily emergencies take over your audit reports. The digital inspection app provides task management; if there is a red alert issue that needs urgent attention, you can instantly assign it to the right person and track the app dashboard’s completion. The user receives notifications, reminders and discusses the problems on the system. Not every auditor is a frequent app user, but there are multiple assignees available in this one. There is no need to log in to the system to show your update. With this new digital app, save 20 hours of your week among multiple users, especially when it’s time to write action plans as everything is done in one place.

  • No visibility on audit scores

Are the audit results improving or deteriorating? What are the top three problems that occur most around the teams or locations? You would be able to drive constructive business improvements if you had this knowledge. However, retrieving past audits and assembling summaries takes far too long because data is distributed through various forms or spreadsheets. Even if you do this exercise a few times a year, the knowledge is still out of date! It’s simple to see trend charts over time, through locations, auditors, or audit topics now that all audit data is in the system. The information is updated in real-time; all you have to do is open the dashboard and pick the parameters you’d like to see. You can also set up overview reports on your calendar.


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