5 Paw-Friendly Reasons To Go For Modern Automation


Although pets are incredibly adorable to own, they also get into a lot of trouble. Being a pet owner means more than just taking a lot of pictures and uploading them to Instagram. Your pet’s safety is something you should consider as necessary as taking care of their outward experience.

If you feel afraid or guilty when you leave your pet behind, you’re not alone. Many pet owners feel this way when they head to work or go on a vacation. More often than not, your pets get into more trouble than you may think. Thus, this article will explain five paw-friendly reasons for modern automation and some automated devices you can purchase.

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  1. It Helps You Keep Track

Nothing makes a pet owner than not knowing what their pet is up to. This feeling can be terrifying, especially when you’re far away from them. If you leave your pets unmonitored, they have a far higher chance of getting into trouble. Sometimes, it may even lead them to develop fatal injuries.

Thus, it is vital to keep track of your pet, no matter where you are. Also, why do you have to constantly browse through the internet looking for funny, adorable pets when you can watch your favorite for as long as you want?

  1. Keeps Their Pathways Safe

As a pet owner, you should know that pets tend to get very clumsy. Although sometimes they are to blame, they aren’t to blame in most other cases. One of the significant reasons for their clumsiness is the obstruction of their pathways. Obstructed pathways account for many instances of pet injuries, especially if they walk on all fours. The culprit behind these obstructed pathways is often jumbled-up wires and extensions.

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In addition to clumsiness, pets tend to chew up extension wires, seeing it as just another chew toy. As you may already have guessed, this can lead to several electrical hazards. Hence, it is crucial to use automated devices that would keep your house safe for your pets. A great device to buy is the 12 outlet power strip. Its manufacturers designed this device for pet safety. It has a thin frame coupled with a thin wire that doesn’t take much space. You can quickly push to the wall to ensure your pet doesn’t come across it.

  1. Allows Pet Sitters To Have More Access

At some point, you have to be away from your pet. More often than not, you can’t take them along. At the same time, it is not a very wise choice to leave your pet alone with no one to take care of them. It is the job of a pet sitter to take care of your pet in your stead.

However, employing a pet sitter would mean that you leave your apartment in their hands. In some cases, this might be quite dangerous. Luckily, pet automated devices have found a way around this. There are several pet automated devices available in the market right now that would give your pet adequate access.

  1. Discourages Them From Chewing At Items

Your pet chewing on things around the house can be inevitable. They can rip up furniture, clothes, and even carpets without proper supervision. Understandably, you can’t always be around your pet. Manufacturers understand this and came up with automated devices that efficiently discourage your pet from chewing up precious items.

  1. Keeps Them Occupied

If your pet is highly energetic, you would have noticed that they get pretty bored fast. Left alone, this can change their behavior over time and make them restless. Thus, it would be best if you tried to keep your pet occupied when you’re not around. You can Shop at Pet Life for amazing stuff.

Luckily, some automated devices in the pet market would keep them occupied with games and challenges and reward them to keep their interest. Ultimately, this would keep their happiness and satisfaction levels high even when you’re absent. Some of these automated devices include food puzzles.

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Some Other Automated devices You Should Consider

Similar to the 12 outlet power strip, these other home automated devices are bound to keep both you and your pet happy:

Automated devices for home aquariums

If your pet is aquatic, it would be best to upgrade their fishbowls into automated aquariums. This would stimulate their habitat nicely by introducing the appropriate temperatures and lighting, making them incredibly happy.

A smart doggy door

Using an intelligent doggy door such as the control4system is equally crucial if you want to give pet sitters access to your pets without leaving your home’s safety in their hands. If your dog tries to get out or someone tries to go in, it automatically sends high-priority alerts to your phone.

Security cameras

It would help if you had security cameras to keep an eye on your pet and make sure they’re not doing anything unsafe. Moreover, it would be ideal to cherish how adorable your pet looks while you’re away at work or on vacation.

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Final Words

Admittedly, taking care of a pet can be challenging. Fortunately, these automated devices above would help you take proper care of your pet, which would boost your pet’s overall happiness.

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