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What mode of transport should you choose to travel with your dog?

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To go on holiday or on weekends with your dog, each owner and every dog has his preferences. Before you plan your heavenly holiday on the other side of the world or a few hours from home, it’s important to know how you’re going to take your dog! Car, train, carpooling, bus, plane, ferry… take stock of the pros and cons of each mode of transportation to choose the one that best suits your holiday WITH your dog.

Today, I suggest you take a quick look at all the means of transport you can choose to go on holiday or on weekends with your dog. All-rounders on takeoff? Let’s get together for a few minutes …


The car is certainly the most common and convenient means of transport to travel with your dog. Provided, of course, that we don’t go to the other side of the world. Travelling by car with your dog does not impose any constraints on schedules or routes, unlike other means of transport. To travel freely is really ideal. It’s the opportunity to take regular breaks to visit, discover or just give your dog time to stretch his paws and do his needs. Take the opportunity to give him a drink.

My dog is travelling in the trunk of my car. Accustomed since she was a child, she has her bearings and habits. Our travels always go very well. I reserve the whole trunk and put our luggage in the back … I can assure you that as soon as I don’t travel alone, we are quickly very tight and she is very comfortable at the back 😉

Unfortunately, not all dogs are comfortable in the car… Some dogs can’t handle car journeys: they are sick or anxious. If you are concerned about this problem, I give you some simple tips and tricks to facilitate your travels in the article Travel with a stressed or anxious dog.

What is the right equipment for your trip? For your car trips with your dog, you need to equip yourself a little for the comfort and safety of your dog: dog transport cage, safety harness, protective cover for the seats… You will find more information and details about this equipment in the article Traveling by car with his dog. Depending on whether your dog is travelling in your trunk, in your back seat or in the front next to you, you won’t need the same equipment.


Travelling by plane with your dog can be a source of anxiety for both the owner and the dog. Many dog owners refuse to fly because they don’t have to take the trip… Sometimes flying with your dog is inevitable so let’s see together more ready how it goes.

First of all, make sure you find a company that will accept your dog. Then you will need to find out about the flight conditions that are specific to each airline. The size of the accepted dog, the breeds accepted, the number of seats in the hold differ for each airline. GOOD TO KNOW: Because of their breathing difficulties, some companies refuse dogs with upturned noses.

Going abroad? Pay attention to the regulations regarding dogs on the spot because each country has its own rules. At a minimum, your dog must be well-off, must hold a European passport and have an up-to-date vaccination record to enter and leave the country.


Travelling by train with your dog is not always easy. I don’t think I’m teaching you anything by telling you that trains aren’t the most dog-friendly spaces that exist. Nevertheless, it is a solution for long journeys or when you do not have a car. Any advice before we leave? For a “calm” ride: board the train with a “tired” dog. Take him for a walk before he leaves so he just wants to walk quietly all the way to your feet. Please look into the guidelines before making any plan. If you are a frequent traveller and keep your dog safe, GPS dog fence for you to keep an eye on your dog.


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