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4 Factors to Consider Before Starting a Plumbing Project

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Let’s face it: not everyone thinks about plumbing. At least until there’s a problem, whether Plumbing project as severe as a burst pipe or as simple as a leaking faucet or clogged drain. However, plumbing work is more prevalent than you might think. Whether installing new appliances, getting your bathroom remodeled, or even having a bit of landscaping work done, plumbing could be involved at any point. 

Given that, you can see that plumbing projects take some planning so that there are no problems. Even plumbers that offer emergency plumbing Concord services will need to properly plan a repair so that fixing the issue doesn’t cause something worse. With all that in mind, here are some things you need to consider before starting a plumbing project, no matter how big. 

Your Floor Plan

While this is more for big projects like renovations or remodels, it’s worth remembering, too, if you’re getting an appliance installed and it needs to connect to your plumbing system. 

Simply put, you need to consider your home’s floor plan to ensure enough space behind the walls for the plumbing system or the extra pipes you may need. Otherwise, the project may become more complicated (and cost more) or be canceled, which can be frustrating. 

The Septic System

If your home’s plumbing system is hooked up to a septic system, you need to find out if it can handle any changes or additions your plumbing project will entail. This is important because if the septic system is overloaded, it can lead to unpleasant problems later on. It’s best to consult a professional before you start planning, so you’ll know if you should move ahead with the project.

Water Pressure  

If you have problems with low water pressure, think twice before beginning a plumbing project that could tax your water supply or stress your plumbing system even more. This is especially true if you rely on healthy water or other similar sources. As with the above point, you’ll want to consult a professional so they can tell you if your supply will be enough or if you need to come up with an alternate plan that won’t put more pressure on your water supply. 

Position of Floor Drains

This is even more important in two-story homes because improper planning and design can result in water damage to the floor, walls, or both. You’ll want to be sure that floor drains are located, so water does end up going down them. Not to mention, plan where to run the pipes so that the runoff from, say, a second-story bathroom or laundry room goes where it’s supposed to.

As you can see, any plumbing project, regardless of size, will involve some planning. Your and your household’s best interests are to be patient and plan things properly. Otherwise, that plumbing project won’t improve but will cause additional problems.


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