12 preventative maintenance for HVAC units

Maintaining your HVAC unit has the same effect as purchasing your HVAC units. If you don’t maintain your HVAC units regularly, you will spend a fortune trying to get the device to its normal state. At the end of the day, you may need to replace the whole HVAC unit totally. The best way to prevent such financial waste, you should try maintaining your HVAC unit. Maintenance goes beyond cleaning; here are 12 preventative maintenance for HVAC units;

  • Cleaning

Of course, we just said maintenance goes beyond cleaning, but cleaning is the first maintenance step. Aside from being the first step, it’s also the easiest step. You should clean your HVAC unit regularly for maintenance. You get to even discover some issues while cleaning.

  • Replace air filter

The air filters are an important part of any HVAC system. Over time, these air filters will be filled with dust and other contaminants regardless of how much you clean your HVAC. One of the fastest and most necessary maintenance your air filter needs is to replace the air filters.

  • Improve your thermostat

Some HVAC units still come with thermostats that can’t be programmed. If you have this type of HVAC unit, you should improve your thermostat. Make your thermostat programmable, so you can regulate easily and save costs from energy bills.

  • Check the duct pipes

The duct pipes in your HVAC unit is the one that brings in cool air from the unit. These ducts have seals to make sure you get all the cool air. You need to check the duct pipes to ensure these seals are in the most excellent shape. If the seals can’t be repaired, replace them immediately.

  • Confirm electrical connection

Mostly your HVAC unit will need an electrical connection to work. You have to check the electrical unit all the time for maintenance.

  • Check blower motor

You need to check your blower motor if it’s doing too much work. You can start with an amp test of the blower motor. Once the blower motor releases too many amps, the damage is inevitable.

  • Add lubricants to motors and bearings

Your motors and bearings are mostly metallic. To reduce friction and metal crashing, it’s vital to apply lubricating materials for easy movement.  

  • Protect your condenser

Your condenser is an integral part of your HVAC unit. You need to cover your condensing unit with a material that’s not prone to fire from heat.

  • Inspection of condensing system

Before you cover your condensing system, please inspect your condenser unit. You can start to see contaminants on your condensing system. Ensure you clear up your condensing system, then protect it perfectly.

  • Check the pulley and belts

The pulley and belts of your HVAC unit work without a pause as long as your unit is working.  It is important you check the state of the pulley and belts of your HVAC system.

  • Hire an excellent technical team

Maintaining your HVAC unit regularly will require technical knowledge. So you owe it to yourself to get a certified expert team for the job.

  • Maintain your HVAC units regularly

Maintenance is not a one-off process when it comes to HVAC units. You need to continue to maintain your HVAC units properly. You can do the maintenance every six months or yearly; just make sure you’re consistent.

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