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How to Ensure DME Prior Authorization

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DME companies have to realize sooner than later on quicker adoption of technology. Innovation has taken a newer stage with the pandemic forcing providers to look for newer ways of communication.

Virtual platforms, telemedicine and other modes of delivery are ruling the world of healthcare delivery. If you want to earn a competitive edge as a DME provider, you have to find a solution to your inconsistent practice management efforts.

At the end, all you need is someone that can elevate your reimbursements as a reliable operational extension. However, finding a quality team will be difficult now especially finding someone in house.

What you need is a quality team that understands how to add value in your front end tasks especially order intake, DME prior authorization, eligibility checks, and doctor’s office follow up and likewise that paves the way for complete back end effort to fall in place.

Sunknowledge answers it all with trust

Over the last decade, our niche presence, versatility across multiple practice management systems makes us a trusted destination for many DME providers. We are currently working with the largest DME companies in the country, the top 3 around the country.

Also, our dedicated resources are available to offer it all in pre and post revenue cycle management that reduces your operational costs by 70%. With over 100 DMEPOS clients right from the east to as far as the Hawaii islands in the west, we work with all.

Our team relies on best in class processes, delivers actionable support in DME prior authorization, eligibility checks that sets the perfect benchmark. We know how to eliminate any challenges with auth request initiation, contacting the payers for outcome, updating the PA result in the billing system of the client. It is a complete approach and we understand how to customize our services according to provider protocols and practices.

Reach our experts and come to know how we deliver comprehensive support at just $7 per hour. We know what it takes to define your collections, helping you focus better on your patients. Leverage the Sunknowledge assurance for your DME practice management needs.


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