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Why you are not Losing Weight? 7 Secrets Revealed

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Weight related problems have become a major concern of many around the world. Despite doing lots of exercises and following a low-calorie diet strictly, is your weight the same as it was two or three years back? There are many reasons that can lead to this. The top seven reasons are:

1.    You Don’t Drink Water: 

One of the main reasons why you are not losing weight is because of your low water intake. Water plays a very significant role when it comes to shedding some calories. First of all, drinking water suppresses the appetite. When your stomach is filled with water you are less likely to eat excessively. So, drinking lots of water saves you from overeating. Additionally, to lose weight, it is essential to control sugar intake. When you drink water, you do not crave sodas, juices, and smoothies filled with sugars. But most surprisingly, when your body dehydrates, your kidney is unable to function properly. The stress on the kidney increases, so it stores fats instead of burning them. Therefore, it is essential to keep our bodies hydrated. No matter how much fibrous food you consume, it is essentially important to drink water alongside. In fact, you should increase fibre intake gradually while keeping water intake substantial. Therefore, even if you are diet conscious or exercise, if you do not fuel your body with water, you are not going to lose weight. 

2.    You Focus On Exercise But Not Diet:

One of the misconceptions of people is that they can only lose weight when they stop eating. Being particular about diet means avoiding high carb food. It means to have a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It also means to eat healthy snacks in between the three meals. Now, what does HEALTHY mean? You should consume food that offers fewer calories, like fruits and vegetables. You should give up on high-calorie food like ice creams, burgers, and pizzas. Focus on food that does not cause fat build-up. 

In fact, there is a wide range of foods that can actually help in losing weight. For example, you can consume food that contains vitamin b12 for weight loss. You can get it from different food sources like eggs, low-fat milk, and chicken. 

3.    You Reward Workout With High Calories:

I have come across many people who keep themselves starved for the entire week and offer themselves breaks on the weekends.  They reward heavy workouts and a week-long diet strategy with high-carb food. If that is the case with you, you are not going to lose weight even in ten years. There are also people who reward themselves with a high sugar smoothie or heavy lunch after every exercise. Exercise helps you shed a few calories, but what good is it when you bring calories back immediately ? It is essential to avoid sugar and carbs even after you do a heavy workout. If you want to reward yourself, keep it small and try to shed the calories immediately. 

4.    You Sit In One Place Most Of The Time:

Many people among us do some exercise and spend their whole time sitting in front of a computer or TV. People who work in offices spend all of their time on a desk. And some people spend their whole day lying on a couch watching TV or playing video games. Though exercise contributes immensely to weight loss, it cannot compensate for the time you spend sitting or lying the whole day. For office going people, it is essential to stand and walk to avoid the stagnant position. It is also required to be energetic and vibrant while walking and moving. People at home must frequently walk around the home, go up the stairs, down the stairs and avoid laying on couches in front of the TV. 

5.    You Are Stressed:

While you may be doing everything right, like eating the right food and doing exercise, you may not lose weight because of stress. Stress is one of the reasons that can directly impact weight. When you are stressed, no matter what the reason is, the body produces cortisol. Cortisol, also known as a stress hormone, impacts the body’s fight or flight system, which is directly related to appetite. Excessive stress can cause the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, which is very hard to remove. Moreover, the excessive amount of hormones produced from the pituitary and adrenal tumours cause cushing’s syndrome. It, in turn, causes weight gain in the regions of the abdomen, face, and chest. So, if you are stressed about your work, personal life, or whatsoever, you will gain weight instead of reducing it. 

6.    You Don’t Get Sleep:

Sleep deprivation is one of the reasons behind weight loss. According to research, a person getting less sleep gains more weight than a person who completes his sleep. The relationship between sleep and weight loss is multifold. Firstly, when you do not sleep, you feel hungry even if you are not. It is high time when people crave high-calorie food like ice cream, peanut butter, and chocolates. Secondly, the deprivation of sleep can cause the production of cortisol, which is responsible for appetite. Thirdly, being deprived of sleep, a person becomes lethargic and does not do any workout or becomes active throughout the day. 

7.    You Have Slow Metabolism:

If any person follows everything related to weight loss, like healthy eating, exercise, takes complete sleep, but could not lose weight, the problem must lie in his metabolism. Metabolism is the mechanism in our body that carries out chemical reactions to fuel the body. In simple words, metabolism is a process of integrating and breaking food and Water to provide energy. Any person whose metabolism is fast can easily lose weight. The fats and calories are easily broken and consumed during a workout or even at rest. People with slow metabolisms struggle to break down fats in the body. As a result, such people struggle with weight loss.  

Bottom Line: 

The main reasons behind being unable to lose weight are, drinking less water, avoiding exercise, avoiding food, taking less sleep, sitting in one place, or having a slow metabolism. You must try to work on all of the above-mentioned elements for notable weight loss.


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