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The Future Of IoT and Wearable Technology: Impact, Challenges, and Applications

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The Future Of IoT and Wearable Technology: With the increasing dependency on our smartphones, the evolution of wearable tech is an inevitable step welcomed by a large number of users. Further, the invention of smartwatches has added a cherry on the top. Its design, flexibility, and reach, smart gadgets, and wearables are a new obsession for people who like to stay technically upgraded. To fuel the market of wearables, IoT has been embedded in continuous advancement in programming, application, and designs.

In this blog, we will illustrate the impact of IoT and wearable technology, its application in the healthcare sector followed by various challenges, and the future of wearable tech.

Table Of Wearable Technology Content

  1. Internet of things technology in a nutshell
  2. IoT and wearable technology- a revolutionary combination
  3. How IoT wearables are transforming the healthcare industry?
  4. Challenges faced by IoT enabled wearables
  5. Future of IoT wearables
  6. Summing up

Internet of Things in a Nutshell 

IoT stands for Internet of Things which comprises subjects that are related to the internet. These objects or subjects analyze the scenario around them and gather the data for further operations. This unprocessed information produced in bulk is then transformed into a digital format and then prepared for further monitoring. 

Now, the device used to originally process these data will dig out valuable insights from the collected information. The last method is sending the processed data to the cloud or local devices, where it is stored and monitored for performing functions. The IoT is reshaping the world of business by generating higher efficiencies. This includes mobile and the major driving technologies of the IoT today include the following:

Wearable Technologies

Wearable Technology gadgets, for example, the Apple Watch, and a large group of other shrewd gadgets by different organizations, like Samsung, Google, Jawbone, Fitbit, Adidas, Pebble, Motorola, Johnson and Johnson, and so forth, will drive the market for the IoT. From Google Glass and Apple iWatch to wellness groups and patient indispensable sign screens, wearable, patchable, or implantable gadgets associated with your cell phone or tablet, or a more specific gadget like a clinic patient screen, neuro-trigger, or rest apnea framework these gadgets will possess fewer improvement impediments and lower foundation costs.

Smart Devices & Associated Technologies

Shrewd gadgets and related innovations keep on rising dramatically. These incorporate super low-power processors, precise, minimal expense, super low force portable sensors, and low-power remote availability. 

Device Miniaturization

Advancements in incorporated circuit creation and bundling empower successful remote sensor bundles – including processor, sensor, network gadget, and force source – as little as a cubic millimeter in volume. 

Cloud Computing & Big Data

Distributed computing and Big Data investigation are currently to some degree developed and in a consistent condition of appropriation. All the more along these lines, they make it conceivable to dissect information from colossal sensor exhibits. Then again, they impact the expanding interest for remote sensors with their advancement of new sensor applications that are made promptly accessible for the IoT market. The joined ascent of cloud, analytics, and web-based media makes the rich reason for a flourishing IoT scene.

IoT and Wearable Technology- A Revolutionary Combination

The necessities of individuals are the most persuasive elements on the lookout. Practically the entirety of the starter arrangements for an item to be dispatched in the market depends on whether this new item is expected for the necessities of individuals. Because of this requirement for research, many shrewd gadgets have been created with the Internet of Things innovation. 

Wearable brilliant gadgets created with the Internet of Things innovation for the most part focus on a sound life. The wellbeing and sports area lead a joint report in the field of wearable gadget innovation. These two primary goals are the manual for shrewd wearable gadgets to be created with the Internet of Things innovation. Versatile wearables stay aware of creating innovation by working together with the Internet of Things innovation. 

Wearable innovation means to impact the fields of well-being and medication, wellness, disability, schooling, transportation, enterprise, finance, gaming, music, and so on. The objective is to easily enter the day by day lives of people and become a useful piece of them. 

The sans hands nature of wearable processing gadgets makes it valuable for organizations. Following the crisis and salvage group turns out to be simple subsequently making the working environment more productive and safe. Sans hands admittance to significant information and data through brilliant glasses and smartwatches helps analysts, specialists, and experts to be more productive at their work.

Based on their features and capabilities, there are several types of wearables listed below:

Smartwatch Wearable Technology

Smartwatches are an upgraded version of computerized devices designed to be worn on wrists and incorporate improvised interactive functionality. Most of the smartwatches work in coordination with smartphones by pairing with the devices. You can check all the notifications on the watch screen including messages, calls, calendar records, and much more.

Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are widely utilized by people as an accessory for the wrist, chest, or ear. It is beneficial for people who want to keep a tab of outdoor sports activities as well as monitor gym metrics like running speed, exhalation, pulse, rate, number of steps, and more.

Smart Clothing Wearable Technology

Smart clothing is one of the most interesting types of wearable that includes a huge variety of sportswear- chest straps, medical clothing, wear monitoring, military clothing, and e-textiles, etc. It has also caught the attention of golf, soccer, athletics, racing, basketball, and baseball leaders. They use these wearables to analyze and keep a check on player’s physical conditions during training and improve team performance to reduce injuries. 

Wearable Camera

Traditional cameras are a thing but have you used wearable cameras popular for their user-friendly design, mobility, and flexibility. All these benefits have drawn the consumer interest towards wearable cameras suitable to capturing creating first-person videos and photos in real-time. Wearable cameras are of two types- small and large.

How IoT Wearables Are Transforming The Healthcare Industry?

IoT and wearables have arisen as a component of extreme business and social change, just because of worldwide powers that are driving this change. It has reshaped present-day culture from multiple points of view. Wearables are changing business and the board cycles, tasks, and models while making new worth, improving effectiveness, and prompting better approaches for generating revenue, and conveying more prominent worth to clients. 

With regards to the pharma and medical services, wearables open up an entire universe of potential outcomes. They likewise serve in giving additional understanding into manifestations and patterns of a specific physiological or even mental issue. IoT empowers the execution, into the real world, of distant consideration which was once the stuff of sci-fi.

Wearable Technology for heart attacks

People who suffer from abnormally fast heartbeats (arrhythmia) can use either wearable defibrillators or implantable defibrillators. It can be a life-saving tool for people who are at high chances of having a cardiac arrest. The device constantly tracks the heart rhythm, once it receives a signal for irregular heartbeats, it instantly produces a shock treatment to restore the patient’s heart rate back to normal. 

Implantable cardioverter-defibrillators are also a great option for patients suffering from arrhythmia. The device is also capable of simulating the heartbeat of the heart rate goes down. Implantable defibrillators have proved to be very effective to control the sudden death of patients suffering from fibrillation or tachycardia.

Protection against concussion 

It utilizes the body’s physiology to stabilize the brain by creating a slight pressure on the jugular vein in the neck. The constriction boosts the blood volume inside the skull and controls brain movement to prevent a concussion.

Sensors for stroke patients

Electromyography (EMG) sensors are particularly beneficial in tracking the muscle movements that aid the rehabilitation of prosthetic and stroke patients. Precisely, EMG sensors work great to self-monitor and strengthen muscle conditions by measuring the activity associated with muscle contractions.

Asthma monitoring

Several times, asthma patients are unaware of the attack until it is at an extreme level. This can cause serious implications for the patient and his family.

Respiratory disease detection

Wearable respiratory monitoring sensors are placed on the chest to alert the patients about the alteration in their breathing patterns, heart rate, and temperature. These signals can help people to check with their doctors for the early diagnosis of lung function deterioration and prevents any sort of lung infection.

Sleep monitoring 

Wearable devices can measure and provide recommendations for improving your sleep. One of such wearables is Beddit. It measures sleep time, heart rate, breathing, humidity, and room temperature. Users can set up sleep time goals and based on the sleep patterns the app can recommend how to achieve these goals with bedtime reminders and nudges.

Hearing aid

Digital hearing aids are designed for people with hearing disabilities, it converts the sound waves into digital signals and produces precise sound duplication. The computer chips embedded in these devices make it possible by analyzing speech and other sounds. Digital hearing aids are substantially flexible. For instance, Phone users can utilize AirPods Live “Listen” feature to magnify the sounds and it enables people with hearing impairments to clearly hear the conversation in a noisy area.

Posture correction

With long working hours and desktop jobs, posture is a growing concern among people nowadays. The device creates a small vibration when the person is slouching. On the other hand, the person can see his mirror image on the app screen as it turns red on incorrect posture, thus alerting to rectify it. Further, the biofeedback vibration enhances overall posture behaviors and reduces the chances of future spinal problems.

Challenges Faced By IoT Enabled Wearables

Customer Engagement

The biggest challenge for the wearable industry is to get sustainable customer engagement. Bad quality, pain to sync with smartphones, poor battery life, uncomfortable and awful design, UX problems, are some of the functional reasons which put the user off the device. However, you might find wearable devices that are very strong functionally and physically and still bomb at the market simply because, they failed to create any meaningful impact on the users, their lives, habits, or behaviors.

The greatest test for the wearable business is to get economical client commitment. Numerous wearable gadgets are brief on account of their momentary client commitment. Terrible quality, torment to match up with cell phones, helpless battery life, awkward and dreadful plan, UX issues, are a portion of the practical reasons which put the client off the gadget. Notwithstanding, you may discover wearable gadgets that are extremely solid practically and actually and still bomb at the market failed to make any significant effect on the clients, their lives, propensities, or practices. 

Data Security

With the more extensive utilization of wearable innovation, undertakings consider wearable to be probably the greatest chance to drive proficiency and improve correspondence and work process. In any case, with security and different dangers tended to, the hands-free wearable figuring gadgets could prompt various applications. For instance, the gadgets could give new abilities to those requiring cutting-edge portability and availability in the field, like crisis faculty, search-and-salvage groups, stockroom laborers, or anybody moving. The frameworks additionally make it conceivable to follow people, for example, medical attendants performing rounds or crisis laborers in the field. 

Each innovation has a presentation and revelation stage in its life cycle, and wearable registering gadgets are no special case. Another impetus that will propel the existence pattern of wearable gadgets is the presentation of 5G, which will give more data transmission and pave the way for some choices like ongoing observing of wellbeing and numerous applications working simultaneously. You can envision what sort of uses will profit from this blend of wearables and 5G.

Future Of IoT Wearables

  • Wearable gadgets, for example, smartwatches persistently screen and track client inclinations and propensities. Not just has this prompted significant applications in the wellbeing tech area, however, it likewise functions admirably for sports and wellness.
  • In spite of the fact that the arranged universe of IoT sets out exceptional open doors. It isn’t without its difficulties. Contrasted and the current age of cycle-driven business applications. IoT and M2M applications will present a stunning expansion in information volumes. And speed that take steps to overwhelm conventional IT structures. The organizations carrying out Big Data drives have additionally been standing up to similar difficulties. However for certain special turns in the space of safety and misrepresentation location, high accessibility, inertness, and versatility. 
  • As associations progressively depend on machine-created information. For ongoing business measures, it will be basic to guarantee that such information is safe and reliable.
  • Associations should have the option to distinguish counterfeit gadgets. Attempting to interface with the IoT framework, both from gadget and organization vectors.

Summing Up

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