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Why Work with the Pros for Roller Shutter Installation

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A roller shutter can be used for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. 

It can be made from aluminum, steel, or even polycarbonate. It usually operates vertically but some options also allow horizontal operation. 

You can work with your installer to customise a roller shutter.

Why consider roller shutter installation?

roller shutter installation

Security is one common reason why property or business owners choose to install roller shutters. You want your loved ones, valuables, and assets to be protected at all times.

Properties with vulnerable entry points are most vulnerable. With roller shutters, you can keep peace of mind even if you often leave home or business for an extended period. They serve as a deterrent for intruders and protection for your loved ones. 

Homes usually make use of roller shutters for their windows. It’s more common to find roller shutters as doors for commercial properties. 

The shutters provide security against noise and onlookers. They also protect against the weather and can offer complete darkness if people inside want to rest. 

The basics of roller shutter installation 

Roller shutters can be manual or motorised. Both are challenging to install the DIY route. For your safety and to ensure efficiency, it’s always best to hire a roller shutter contractor in Singapore

Here’s how roller shutters are usually installed. 

First, we measure the window, door, or opening where the shutter will be used. Take the width and height and ask your manufacturer if you need allowances for the shutter guide. 

Once you have the dimensions, you can proceed to choosing the style and operating method for your shutter. You’ll need to drill to install the shutter guides. The guides have to be stable so be sure that you’re making a hole into a solid brick. 

You need to do the same for the locations where the screw heads will go. Note that the process may be more tedious if the wall has no cavities. Once the drilling is complete, you can start placing the guides of the shutter. 

Be careful when drilling holes and attaching screws to secure the shutter. You’ll also have to thread the cable through matching holes and then seal the exterior wall. 

When placing the motor, you’ll need an electrician to assist you. This part requires skills and special tools to ensure it’s properly attached and functioning. 

A more detailed step-by-step procedure is necessary to complete this project. 

Skip the DIY route and have professionals install your roller shutters in Singapore

It’s good to know how the roller shutter installation process works in general. But if you want a stress-free, convenient, and efficient installation, it’s wise to leave the job to the pros.

If you’re hiring a roller shutter contractor in Singapore, you can customise your shutter and not worry about all the work involved. You won’t have to purchase tools and materials. Your installer takes care of all that for you. 

In case there’s an issue with the installation, you can contact your contractor to fix it. But if you’re going with a professional and highly-rated team, it’s unlikely you’ll experience issues with their work. 


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