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How to Change Bathroom Mixer Taps

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Changing or installing bathroom mixer taps is best left under the care of professionals. However, for basic knowledge, in this post, we talk about the steps involved in changing bathroom mixer taps. 

Changing taps is one of the simplest ways you can update the look of your bathroom. A mixer tap uses both hot and cold water in a single tap and can be used for the basin or the tub. But for a tub, the mixer tap has to be larger so it can also deliver larger volumes of water. 

Here are the steps involved in changing a bath mixer tap.

  1. First, turn off your water and double-check to see that it’s no longer working before you start. Once that is done, prepare all tools that you need, such as a spanner set and rubber washers. Note that the supplies you need can vary depending on the project you’re looking to complete. If you have no tools at home, consider leaving the work to plumbing professionals. This way, you no longer have to worry about the equipment. Your contractors will take care of that and ensure that the work is done right the first time. 
  1. Next, if there’s enough room under the bathroom basin taps where you can work comfortably, you can keep the drain pipes as they are. But if you could use some more room, consider removing the drain pipes. This way, it’ll be easier to reach the nuts that secure the mixer tap. To take out the drain pipes, you need to unscrew their connectors first. Afterward, set the pipes aside and handle them with care as you still need to put them back on once you’re done.
  1. Once the drain pipes are out, it’s time to remove the mixer tap. Be sure to unscrew both the cold and hot water feeder. When disconnecting the nuts of the mixer tap, use an appropriate wrench type that can bend 90-degrees and grip the nuts firmly. After taking out the existing mixer tap, the next step is to fit the new one in. 
  1. To install your new mixer tap, hold it upright and place a washer at the bottom. Screw the tap tails carefully and tighten them. Put the other studs at the bottom of the tap. Then, position the tap in the countertop or basin and slowly lower its tails and studs through the hole. Once it’s in the hole, keep it in place using a washer and retaining plate. You also need to screw the nuts. Once you’re confident that the tap is in the right position, you can now tighten the nuts further. 

Don’t rush to change your bathroom shower mixer taps as well. After you’ve attached the new basin mixer tap and put everything back in its place, check if there are any leaks or issues. 

If there’s anything that you cannot address on your own, don’t hesitate to call a plumbing professional. Again, the safest way to change and install bathroom mixer taps is still through expert help. 


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