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Why WhatsApp Marketing Could be the Next Big Thing for Digital Marketers

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Whatsapp business API is a business to customer messaging channel that focuses on delivering real-time, high-value messages. It focuses on delivering user-initiated support messages and business initiated transactional messages. It is a modern tool that allows businesses to connect with their customers across the world.

Whatsapp API allows companies to receive and send unlimited messages to their users. It enables organisations to connect their system to Whatsapp, communicating with the customer’s hassle-free and secure. Features that Whatsapp for business API offers to the companies include:

  • Organisation get listed as a business account and get a business profile

Whatsapp business API allows companies to create Whatsapp business profile. This helps customers to chat with the companies even if they don’t have their numbers saved as a contact.

  • User have to opt in to receive messages from the businesses

Using Whatsapp business allows companies to send messages to the customers who have agreed to receive notifications from the business account so that the non-consenting user is not bombarded with the messages.

  • Messages come with 24 hours service window period.

Businesses that use Whatsapp business API  have a 24 hour window period to reply to incoming customer queries free of cost. Beyond this time limit, they have to pay some minimum amount and need to seek permission from their customers to contact them again. Whatsapp business API pricing is moderately set to benefits the users.

  • Whatsapp business API ensures data privacy and provides end-to-end encryption

The messages that the companies send to customers can not be ready by the third party or not even by Whatsapp, thus providing a secure communication way.

Whatsapp marketing could be the next big thing for digital marketing because of the following reasons:


  • Being a private messaging app, Whatsapp has gained the trust of customers. Using this app for communicating with the customers help to maintain the safety and security of the customers. This helps to build up a positive image of the company.
  • With this technique, companies can send notifications and alerts in real-time. Whatsapp provides a quick and direct platform in case business have to send any urgent questions and information.
  • Access to a customers phone number allows businesses to reach their customers quickly and without any hassle.
  • With ease of use, this method can be used by people of any age groups. This is the most time saving and comfortable way to communicate with customers of all age.
  • Marketers can use videos, photos, and voice record facilities to make their message more attractive to engage with their customers.

There are various Whatsapp API service providers in India, but you should choose the most trusted one. One such provider of this service is mTalkz. They help their users to do automated and manual interactions with their customers. And can you believe that they help reach more than 1.5 billion users on Whatsapp using a simple REST API? Isn’t their reach impressive and helpful for the businesses! mTalkz enables to send real-time alerts and notifications while offering a support service that is available 24*7 hours. They are always available for their customers and never forget them. It is easy to set up their Whatsapp business account. They give their customers complete peace of mind and has easy setup for Whatsapp business account. Their consultant help to define you the process for the smooth operation of Whatsapp API.

With the reach of 1.5 billion people and 200 million users from India, Whatsapp became the leading chat app partner for enterprises. With the introduction of Whatsapp Business in 2018, there has been positive growth for businesses and corporations. These messaging apps have become a powerful marketing tool that has helped companies achieve high engagement and conversion rates. Whatsapp business API is the best way for a business to function smoothly while staying in contact with the targeted market or customers.


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