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Why Wearing Gym Singlets is Good for You

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When exercising, putting on the first pair of clothes, you randomly grab from the closet won’t make a great habit. However, even if you’re not a fan of conforming to the latest fashion trends, understand that wearing the right gym clothes is only logical and practical. After all, comfort is of utmost importance during a workout. Thus you should start wearing the right workout outfit like gym singlets or tanks for your health and comfort. Read on and discover the importance of wearing proper gym attire.

Gear Up with Safe & Comfortable Workout Clothes

After a strenuous workout, expect to feel fantastic yet tired, exhausted and sweaty. However, you can make the experience infinitely better by choosing the right workout outfit. Here are some tips.

Consider Fabric Type

  • Choose “workhorse” or moisture-wicking fabrics. You can achieve the most comfort by factoring in the fabric best suited for the type of exercise you’re doing. During a workout, your best fabric choice should be the type that pulls or wicks sweat instead of absorbing it. To keep your body from overheating during a workout, opt for synthetic fabrics that are breathable and help evaporate sweat quickly. Quick-drying lycra and polyester blends are excellent moisture-wickers.
  • Steer clear of cotton as they are not capable of pulling sweat away from the skin. This fabric is also highly absorbent, and you’ll end up feeling soaking wet, heavy and uncomfortable during an otherwise enjoyable workout. If you do not wish to suffer from chafing, denim shorts are another big no-no.
  • Never choose plastic-based and rubber-based fabrics that are not at all breathable. They are incapable of evaporating sweat from your skin and can dangerously overheat your body to the brink of exhaustion.

Buy Workout Clothes that Fit Right

The right fitting clothes depend on what type of exercise you’re planning to do.

  1. When running, a loose and comfy shirt and shorts will do. Make sure they are breathable and are not too loose to hamper your run.
  2. When biking, avoid wearing too loose or wide-legged pants, as these can dangerously get snarled into the pedals. Cycling shorts are preferable, but leggings that fit like a second skin are also a safe and comfortable alternative.
  1. When doing yoga asanas, you can choose loose and comfy if you’re on the conservative side, or you can choose a singlet and yoga pants for more advanced poses. The goal is to wear something comfortable, breathable and stretchable such as nylon-elastane blends and spandex.

Whether it is running, biking or doing Yoga asanas, always consider the right fit of clothes that won’t get in the way of your movement.

Choose Workout Gear According to Time, Place and Season

When taking your exercise routine outdoors, always consider the weather.

  1. On hot summer days, choose cool, breathable, moisture-wicking and quick-drying clothes like gym singlets and shorts.
  2. During cold weather, dressing in layers is the wisest thing to do. While it will be cold, physical activity will boost heart rate and raise body temperature. Thus it would be fitting to wear your usual moisture-wicking outfit as the inner layer and a warmer second layer of clothes.
  3. On windy and wet days, wear your usual exercise outfit that is moisture-wicking and quick-drying so that you won’t end up soaked and uncomfortable throughout your exercise.


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