Why Should You Hire Flatbed Towing Services?

flat-bed towing

Apparently, towing services provide a very basic service of providing tow trucks to carry immobile, damaged, indisposed, or new vehicles from one location to another. However, the owners of those vehicles are the ones who know the importance of these towing services. As they want their vehicles to be transported from pick-up point to destination without any damage. Therefore, transporting vehicles is a complex process for the owners. 

In this case, anyone with a hook and a truck is not a choice. Such circumstances require professional towing service providers. These help ensure safe, damage-free transport of vehicles, using their modern equipment, most eminently, a flatbed tow truck

What Are Flat-bed Towing Trucks?

As the name suggests, these are special trucks with just a long, flat, and an empty ‘bed’ with no sides, doors, or roof.  Owing to its flat design, it offers a broad area to work on. It can tow a boat, car, bike, or any vehicle unless it fits its bed area. Its versatility has helped the flat-bed towing truck to appear as one of the best towing equipment ensuring the desired safe and damage-free vehicle transport. This article highlights a few reasons why a flatbed towing truck is the best option to opt for when transporting vehicles from any pickup point to the desired destination. 

Helps Avoid Added Delivery Mileage 

The delivery mileage for new, unregistered vehicles is beneficial for the buyer, enabling them to avail of price benefits as well. However, a manufacturer or dealer wants to avoid these for their own benefit. Hence, towing the new vehicle on a flat-bed towing truck is a viable option. This towing method is the best to transport vehicles from the manufacturing point to a dealer or from a dealer to the final buyer without any unwanted mileage usage. 

Decreased Vehicle Damage

A vehicle breaking down in the middle of the road trip, or after meeting an accident needs to be transported to a repair house. This can be done by any person who owns a truck and a hook. However, these amateurs do more damage than the benefit they offer. So, to avoid the inconvenience, professional towing services across the city come in handy. 

These service providers have a professionally trained workforce. These professionals are fully equipped and knowledgeable about the safe loading, transporting, and unloading of your vehicle. As your vehicle is already damaged and you don’t want any further damage while transporting to add up in the repair bills.

Convenient And Time Efficient 

When using other types of towing vehicles such as dolly trucks, it requires removal of the driving shaft of the vehicle to avoid any shafting damage. Whereas, a flat-bed towing truck requires the vehicle to be driven on the truck bed, strapped firmly, and simply be transported to the desired destination. Again unloading also requires only untying of straps and the vehicle can be driven off from the bed of the truck. The simple and easy process of loading and unloading saves your time while transporting the vehicle conveniently to your desired destination. 

Guaranteed Safety On The Road

The firmly strapped vehicles on the flatbed guarantee safe transport on the road. Towing of the vehicle on flat-bed significantly ensures the safety of other passing by vehicles on the road as well. The firmly attached transporting vehicle to a tow truck eradicates the uncertainty for the other vehicles caused by a swaying vehicle attached to the back of a truck. 

No Adjustment Required

To transport a vehicle using a flat-bed towing truck, no adjustments are required as in the wheel-lift tow trucks. The wheels of the vehicle are not on the ground meaning they will not contact any pothole or wearing objects during the transporting journey. Hence, no damage to wheel health or the vehicle itself is caused during transportation.

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