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Why Choose Surfing In Portugal?

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Portugal is the perfect destination to commence surfing activities for beginners and experienced. Surfers love Portugal for its awesome waves, authenticity, charming aura, and affordability entices the surfers to surf without any hassle. Surfing in Portugal for beginners is budget-friendly and allows the individual to learn over time without paying more money.

Top Beginner Surf Beaches in Portugal has both west and south swell direction that makes it year-round surfing destination. If you are traveling try surfing regardless of the season you will find the regular surfers practicing or tourists trying out the surfing.

The season affects surfing for beginners and experienced professionals. Each season has its benefits and drawbacks that affect surfing.  We have streamlined information according to the season for beginners and experienced to visit and enjoy to the fullest.

  • For Beginners

The Best time to visit for surfing is during the summer between May to September. During this time swells are less frequent and smaller waves but around July and August Top 10 Beginner Surf Camps in Porto gets more crowded.

  • For Experienced Professionals

For experienced surfer the consistency is all required to surf in any weather while most recommended time for them is between September and April. The winter is majorly known for their powerful swells and heavy waves that a advanced surfer handle without dwelling in the water.

Here are some reason to begin surfing in Portugal

  • Climate Conditions

Portugal has average 300 sunny days every year which means regions with more rain has the same amount of sun which showcase the summer all along. The mild climate allows the domestic and international surfers to enjoy waves year round.

In summers, heavy crowd is seen surfing around the central coast where top 10 beginner surf camps in Portgo are bombarded with crowd. In Autumn season the beaches are not crowded as summer due to warm water, plenty of sunshine and bigger waves. During winters, waves are bigger which makes surfing quite unsurfable due to the storms kicking in.

  • Clean Beaches

Portugal has the serene and most beautiful beaches. One can truly experience the unspoiled nature and ready to explored with surfing and going higher with those waves. Portugal is recognized as one of the best and sustainable medium for surfing with amazing water quality that makes surfing fun.

  • Coastline

Portugal has the coast of around 200km at the eastern border with spain making surfing close and more exciting. The confidential coastline is almost 950km making surfing journey exciting at every surf spot.

  • Comfort and Convenience

Portugal is one of the major tourist destination majorly known for surfing. The restaurants and accommodations incorporates visit with open heart to explore and enjoy the surfing. It has amazing surf camps for beginners, lodges where newbies can learn in their comfort. All these places are majorly run by the youngsters.

The people staying at near-by lodges can surf whenever their is good waves. Portugal is one of the safe and convenient place for travelling and enjoying a holiday.

  • Consistent Surfing

The Portguese coastline has amazing surfing spots where surfers can surf from wider angle and beach breaks allows the beginners to pursue it consistently without any hassle. There are number of surfing regions in Portugal from North to South such as Porto, Beira, Peniche, Ericeira, Lisbon, Alentejo, and Algarve.

  • Make Budget-Friendly Portugal Trip

One of the cheapest country in western europe allows you to explore without spending a fortune. The individual can learn surfing by just investing less money compared to any other European surfing destinations.

Find surf camps that are lining with the beaches offering accommodations and surf lessons to get the life-time experience. Living aside the surf spots make  the trip more budget friendly and whenever waves are there surfing can be done.

  • Culture

The Small country is rich with culture where one can experience the life-changing vibes. The Portugal is filled with a series of museums depicting the rich history, medeival times, castles, with a touch of modernization. The tourists get the access to clean beaches alongside jazzy evening, brazilian sounds showcasing the culture in some events, festivals, concerts, and fairs.

  • Interesting Cities to Visit

Portugal has a series of amazing cities with picturesque views. Lisbon in westernmost European capital lies in the hills behind the river mouth. The south of Lisbon has relax vibes with clean beaches to showcase or learn surfing. The beautiful surrounding and locations make people choose Portugal for surfing and vacationing at low costs. The above-mentioned reasons make surfing in Portugal an incredible experience at a very low cost. One of the major surfing destination in Europe has clean beaches, coastline regardless of season one can visit and surf anytime. The top beaches for beginners and experienced makes it one of the best place to begin surfing.


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