5 Home Design Tips for Choosing Roofing Colors

Did you know that a roof can return more than 85% of its cost on resale? With such a large surface area, it is vital you select the right type. But do you know what would suit your property best? With a range of colors and textures, it can be tough to decide. Read on as we discuss roofing colors and how to choose the right one. 

Dark Roofing Colors Look Further Away

One tip to remember is that darker shingles have a very specific visual impact. These roof colors make the home, particularly the roof, look further away. This trick of the eye can make a home look larger, especially when paired with a light-colored facade. 

The lightness of the walls will bring it forward to the viewer, while the dark tones will push it back and anchor it in space. This creates multiple levels, excellent for increasing curb appeal.

Consider the Climate

The right roof colors also play a practical part. Dark colors and shades will trap the heat. Lighter colors will reflect heat away from the home. 

Thus, if you live in a consistently hot climate and want to increase your energy efficiency, lighter shades may be the way to go. Colder climates can opt for darker ones to hold warmth. 

Get a Sample

Never choose tiles and shingles based on a catalog or from looking online. Print and pixels do never fully convey the textures and tones you get. You could order something that arrives looking vastly different from the roofing style you imagined. 

Instead, ask the supplier for a few samples. That way, you can see them against your home and in the natural environment. 

Look at the Surroundings

When wondering how to choose a roof, take a look at the surroundings. You can take a lot of tips from what already exists. Are there any natural shades, tones, and colors in the landscape you can mimic?

Another tip is to look at houses in the neighborhood. While going bold is great, you don’t want to bring down house prices with your hot pink shingles. However, you also need something that is going to make the home stand out. 

Try to pick a similar theme to others, but explore color tones and textures they have not used. That way, you fit in but also look unique at the same time. 

Look at the House Style

The style of the house should also guide your choice when it comes to selecting a roofing style. For example, contemporary homes usually have dark choices to play off the angles in the building itself. Colonial homes should have light, natural colors to fit with the aesthetic. 

If you are unsure, then speak to an expert. Falcon Roofing is one company with experience that can discuss your roofing options. 

Getting a Quote

Once you know the roofing colors and style you want, get a quote. While a new roof is one of the bigger maintenance expenditures, it may not be as expensive as you think. A solid roof will also last and add value to the home. 

For all your home needs, we are here to help. Visit our blog for advice on property management and DIY, and let us help create your dream home!

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