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Why choose a Christmas tree in a pot?

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Not so long ago, artificial Christmas trees experienced a big boom. One of the reasons was the emphasis on a gentle approach to nature. But even the most beautiful artificial models could not replace the natural charm of a living tree. The sellers thus found a way to give the owners an “eco” solution. The team has just become a Christmas tree in a pot.

Despite the fact that the Christmas tree in a flowerpot also has certain disadvantages, it offers several advantages compared to classic cut pieces. Its biggest advantage is the possibility to use the tree even after the holidays. However, the list of benefits does not end there. However, due to certain disadvantages, even such an advantageous solution will not be suitable for everyone.

The benefits of Christmas trees in a pot

Use of the tree even after Christmas

Unlike those cut after the holidays, the life of trees in a pot does not end. At the beginning of spring, we can move them to the garden, where we will continue to grow them in a pot until they grow, or we will transplant them and leave them permanently outdoors.

One tree used for several seasons

If we do not plant the relocated tree immediately, but leave it in the garden all year round in a flowerpot, as a Christmas tree will be able to serve us during the next holidays as well. After them, we can move it outside again and repeat this cycle for a few seasons until the tree is large and stops fitting into the interior.

Christmas tree: Possibility to grow a tree for a few years

If we do not plan to use more trees as Christmas, we can permanently plant it outside in the garden. He can decorate it for a long time, all he has to do is take care of it properly and give him everything he needs for healthy growth. With proper care, it is highly likely that its lifespan will reach several decades.

Lower burden on nature

The above-mentioned advantages are due to another significant plus, which was significantly reflected in the large return of live Christmas trees for sale. This is an overall kindness to nature. The use of trees in pots reduces the number of used and subsequently discarded conifers, which served only one Christmas season.

Several types of trees to choose from

The list of positives that live Christmas trees in a pot can boast of is also a varied selection of species. It is a bit wider than with cut trees. In addition, customers can also purchase species from abroad that do not normally grow in our region.

Types of Christmas tree in a pot

  • Classic homemade conifers such as spruce, fir or pine.
  • Bred slow-growing varieties of these domestic trees.
  • Selected species of cypresses, which will serve several seasons.
  • Rare woods from abroad, such as cedar varieties.

How to choose a Christmas tree in a pot?

  • Its shape and size need to be adapted to the size and disposition of the household.
  • The demands of the selected species on the conditions and care of the tree are also important.
  • Some species are more aromatic, which can be a problem when used indoors.
  • If the tree is planted in the garden, the maximum height must be taken into account.
  • If we want to use the tree for several seasons, its key will be its longevity.

How to grow a Christmas tree in a pot?

Despite the fact that the Christmas tree in a pot has slightly higher demands than cut, everyone can handle its cultivation. The secret of success is to give him optimal conditions and take care of meeting his basic needs.


No conifer minds a lighted place, it even looks for it. So we can place a Christmas tree in a flowerpot right next to the window. When moving to the garden, let’s give him a position in an open sunny position.


Although conifers can withstand even greater heat, resp. cold, it is necessary to protect them from sharp temperature fluctuations. The transfer of the tree to the interior and then back out should be accompanied by a gradual acclimatization to higher, resp. lower temperatures.


The Christmas tree in the pot suffers from frequent watering. This is especially true during his festive stay in a heated interior, where the water evaporates faster. Then we can water it every two to three days.


The act of transplanting a tree into the garden is one of the most important. It should always be performed in the spring. If we want to use the tree during the next Christmas and we will not plant it directly in the ground, we will use a larger flowerpot for planting, in which it will be able to grow a little until the following holidays.

Disadvantages of such Christmas tree

During the individual actions connected with the cultivation of a live Christmas tree in a flowerpot, we will also encounter certain disadvantages. However, they will not bring us much worries, and if we follow all the proven principles of cultivation, the tree will thrive without any problems.

More demanding care

The aforementioned watering and transplanting will require more time and effort. In addition, pruning the twigs will bring us work, which we should always do before Christmas. The result will be a more beautiful and better shaped tree.

Problems with acclimatization

The intolerance of temperature fluctuations is a minus, but with a little ingenuity it can be easily solved. Before moving the tree to the interior and back outside, we can leave it for a few days in the cellar or garage. During the temporary stay, he will gradually get used to the higher, resp. lower temperatures.


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