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Which is the Best Kindergarten School in Dubai?

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With an approximately 3 million population and famous for its modern architecture and skyscraper, Dubai is a multicultural city. The Kindergarten school is an approach for preschool education based on a varied range of activities- dancing, singing, social activities, and drawing.

Every parent aims to get their child’s admission to the best kindergarten school. The school should be such that it provides a caring and stimulating ambiance to the child. Thus, Kindergarten school bridges the gap between home and school.

Now let’s talk about the best kindergarten school for your child.

Best Kindergarten school in Dubai

Global Indian International School (GIIS) is a leading Kindergarten school in Dubai for pre-primary education. A well-researched curriculum “Global Montessori Plus Programme” is an award-winning program that is a blend of Montessori and modern education. The school nurtures the tender students into strong individuals.

GMP – A Unique Kindergarten curriculum

GMP is the modification of the world-renowned Montessori Nursery system. It integrates conventional theory with modern research. This methodology of teaching offers unique opportunities for growth and development for the students.

The GMP-centred program induces the growth of expressive, cognitive, and motor skills. It fosters cultural awareness, social responsibility, and environmental consciousness. All of these are key components of the holistic pedagogy of GIIS. The proficient teachers of GIIS implement the GMP model and enable students to learn freely.

Now that you got an idea about GIIS and its special program let’s have a look at the age criteria for admission

Special Features of GIIS

  • Extracurricular activities and events

The global events conducted by GIIS provide a platform for the students to showcase their talent and skills at a global level. GIIS focuses on all the factors of growth of students apart from the routine knowledge. This makes the children ready for school studies.

  • Seamless transition to primary school

GIIS Dubai makes sure that kindergarten students do not face difficulty in coping up with the primary school studies. Thus, it bridges the gap and aids in the smooth transition from pre-primary to primary school education. The skills required in grade 1 are taught in Kindergarten so that the students are well prepared and are not overwhelmed by the curriculum. During teaching each child is given individual attention so that the students can grasp faster.

Age criteria for admission

Pre KG- 3 years old by 31 July

KG 1– 4 years old by 31 July

KG 2– 5 years old by 31 July

Admission procedure

Contact the school authority by filling an online form. You can also book virtual counseling that will help you to know about the school in depth. There is an online form available on the official website. You can fill that form with the registration fees and submit the application form. During the virtual counseling, you can book the assessment slot for your child. The assessment helps to analyze the grade in which the student needs to be transferred. 


Yes, it is overwhelming sometimes to choose the best thing for your child out of many available options but with concrete knowledge, you can make a sound and informed decision and give your child’s career and growth a kick start. GIIS has proved itself as the best Kindergarten school in the past many years.


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