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What is the safety procedure of kybella or coolsculpting?

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The Coolsculpting procedure on the Zeltiq device means “coolsculpting.” Based on the method of cryo lipolysis (“cryo” – cold, “lipolysis” – to split) coolsculpting procedure allows you to get rid of local fat deposits through exposure to low temperatures. The secret of effectiveness is simple: for the first time, weight loss occurs not due to a decrease in the size of a fat cell (adipocyte) but its destruction. It has been scientifically proven that as a result of prolonged cooling, apoptosis is triggered – natural cell death. As a result of the cool scalping procedure, fat cells die and are naturally excreted from the body. For 1 hour of the procedure, the amount of fatty tissue in problem areas is reduced by 1 cm. You need to check on the procedures of kybella or coolsculpting.

How is the procedure

· The doctor examines the features of the figure, the location of fat traps, and the thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer in the patient. Based on the results of the examination, the doctor draws up a therapy plan.

· The patient sits on a couch, one of five Zeltiq applicators is applied to the problem area. Anesthesia is not required.

· The applicator uses a vacuum to draw in the fat fold inside and cool it down to a certain temperature strictly controlled by the apparatus.

· The whole procedure takes 1 hour.

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The key prerequisite for cryolipolysis is a fat layer fold with a thickness of at least 2.5 cm.

• Abdominal, back, waist, hips, legs, and arms with excessive fat deposits;

· Cellulite;

· Body shaping and slimming


• The fact that it is non-invasive. “Non-surgical liposuction” is another term for cryolipolysis.

• There was no time for recuperation. You can resume your normal daily activities immediately following the operation.

• There is no discomfort. Only a pleasant chill and transient numbness of the treated area are felt by the patient.

• Flexibility is important. Both men and women can benefit from the cool scalping technique.

• Time management. It has been clinically shown that the patient loses 1 cm of volume in just one surgery.

• No stretch marks or sagging skin. When the skin is not given enough time to adjust to rapid changes in body volume, a similar effect occurs. Fat cells are gradually destroyed, with the ultimate outcome visible after 2-3 months.

• Safety and security. The temperature of the exposure in the applicator, as well as body temperature monitoring throughout the treatment and the exposure length. All of this is managed by the gadget, ensuring that the treatment is safe. If the body temperature falls by at least half a degree below the set value, the process will be stopped.


· The number of procedures is determined by the doctor, starting from the initial data of the patient: physique features, the thickness of the fat fold of the desired result.

· The visible result becomes noticeable after 3-4 weeks, the full effect can be assessed after 2-3 months.

· The interval between procedures is two months.

The course of the “Coolscalping” procedure:

1. The specialist studies the features of your figure, fat deposits, the thickness of the skin layer.

2. A napkin with a special solution is applied to the treated area of ​​the skin. It allows you to protect the skin from unnecessary exposure.

3. The attachment pulls the skin into the empty cavity and cools the fat deposits. The process takes an average of 50 minutes.

4. After the session, slight redness remains. It passes quickly. It depends on the regenerative properties of the body.

 Preparing for the procedure

We recommend that our patients drink at least two liters of pure water 2-3 days before undergoing therapy and refrain from alcoholic beverages.

After the procedure, you should also drink plenty of water and avoid exposure to ultraviolet radiation. This will help the faster removal of fat cells from the body.

You can get rid of excess fat after the first procedure of cryolipolysis of the abdomen. However, it is entirely dependent on the body’s unique traits. Two or more sessions of therapy may be required in a more advanced situation.. To carry out a second procedure, you need to wait at least a month to allow the body to cleanse and recover.


· There are excess fat mass on the arms, waist, hips, and legs;

· There is a malfunction in the endocrine system;

· You have a sedentary and passive lifestyle;

· Revealed a moderate degree of obesity;

· There were disturbances in the functioning of the receptors responsible for the feeling of satiety.


· The presence of a pacemaker or cardiovascular disease;

· Pregnancy and lactation;

· Severe obesity;

· Cold intolerance;

· Wounds or scars on the treated areas

How does Coolsculpting work?

1. Adipose tissue is destroyed at temperatures down to -14 ° C. This property of fat cells is called the “white adipose tissue paradox.” The exposure temperature of the device is -14 ° C. Skin, muscles, blood vessels, nerve endings are not susceptible to such temperatures – the apparatus does not damage them.

2. Within 1 hour, the doctor acts with the kybella or coolsculpting apparatus on problem areas with different attachments – the size of the attachment depends on the volume of the fat fold. The procedure is called Coolsculpting.

3. During the procedure, the fat cells crystallize and die. This process is called apoptosis. Such processes are natural and constantly occur in our bodies.

4. As a result of apoptosis, the fat cells gradually disintegrate. Fat is removed from the body by the lymphatic system.

5. The process continues for three months after the procedure. The effect is growing – the volumes continue to decrease. The fat is gone forever. The effect depends on the individual characteristics of the patient’s body and the technology chosen by the doctor individually.

6. The kybella or coolsculpting procedure is an alternative to surgery; it is a non-invasive method. You will not have any scars or scars. Therefore, unlike liposuction, the risk of infection during the procedure is excluded.

7. For 13 years, more than 5,000,000 procedures have been performed globally, and the method has been statistically proven to be safe.

 The full course consists of several sessions (the number is determined individually) with a break of one and a half to two months.

8. It should be understood that, like classical liposuction, the procedure on the Coolsculpting apparatus is not a way of general weight loss. With a pronounced total excess weight, cryotherapy is ineffective.


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