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Everything You Should Know About Painters and Painting

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The amount of beauty and splendor painting adds to a house’s interior and exterior is commended by everyone. Interior designers know what important place the color of paint holds. Furthermore, the impact a color has on human moods and feelings cannot be denied. Psychologists argue different colors have different psychological effects on the human mind. For instance, red color has been related to making you feel energetic and sometimes hungry, orange and yellow can make you feel excited and happy.

Lighter colors are soothing to the human mind, which is why home interiors are mostly bright colored. Like an off-white, or light pastels can calm human anxiousness. Colors like brown, black, or green have been directly related to evoking sadness. Therefore, one might feel an instant switch of mood by being in a dark color painted room. 

Painters in Atlanta GA are super talented and provide top-notch services. Following are the services provided by painters:

  • Interior House Painting: Includes painting of everything inside a house, from the walls to the ceiling, window sides and the doors (that can be painted). 
  • Exterior House Painting: Includes coating of walls on the outside, of the garage, porches and patios.
  • Commercial Painting: painting is not only limited to house paints. Commercial painting has its own peculiarities. The Commercial sites can be a residential apartment, a shopping mall, an office, a school, a hospital, or a factory. Let us see how a residential painting is different from a commercial one.

Difference between the Two painter and painting:

Commercial painting requires more expertise and skills, as it involves more labor to coat larger surfaces and more precautions to be taken to safely paint taller buildings.


Residential buildings like a single or double story house can easily be painted with only a few painters, within a month or 2. Whereas, commercial buildings, for instance, an airport, will need more painters and time to cover an entire building.

Tools and Materials:

House painting makes use of common tools like rollers, brushes, and materials like paint to get the job done. On the contrary, the commercial painting will involve the use of specialized materials to make the site resistant, let’s say to heavy pressure, and whatever the site is dedicated to. For example, the industry will need a paint that is more durable and more resistant to water, it also might need a fresh coat of paint for its metallic doors.


Working hours for house painting are the conventional timings i.e. 9 am-5 pm. This can’t work in the case of commercial painting. So, it is usually done during off-hours and during the weekend. 

Painting walls requires a lot of expertise and skills. Not everyone can hold a brush or a roller and start coloring the walls. You might want to cut down on expenses when painting. One of the easiest ways is to do some of the jobs on your own, like the ones mentioned below:

  1. Call your friends to help you take the furniture out of your room. 
  2. Remove any fixtures from the walls and the door handles.
  3. Remove any obstacles near your walls to get an easy access to the area to be painted.
  4. Paint the inside of your cabinets and any such places that aren’t open, on your own.
  5. Paint the room that needs to be and skip the one that requires no touch up.

These are usually done by professional painters in Atlanta, which is why they charge you more. So we have a trick to spend less money if you have decided to get your house painted.

Look For These Qualities:

A painting company should have the following peculiarities:


People should know the company for the standout services it provides in the painting industry. Long years of healthy experience can help any service provider become a crowd favorite.


A professional paintings service provider will talk about the minor details before closing a deal. 


Painters who are insured should be preferred. This will help you from not paying for their medical expenses in case of an injury. 

Free Estimates for painting:

Painters will inspect your house and give free estimates about how much they will charge you by painting how many of your rooms. 

Priorities Your Safety & Belongings:

An efficient worker prioritizes the owner’s possessions and will make sure not to harm them during painting. 

Similarly, he knows the value of life and will work in a safe environment to ensure his and your safety.


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