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What is a burglar alarm system? How does it work?

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What is a Burglar alarm system?

A Burglar Alarm System is the security solution that detects any unauthorized entry into the property. Incorporated with the latest technology, the system detects intruders and forbids them from entering your premises by giving alerts to the owners. It basically triggers a loud alarm to alert the ones nearby of the entry. Well, it is a fact that one is much less likely to suffer burglary provided they have a well-fitted security alarm. 

Components of Burglar Alarm System

The main elements of this alarm system are as follows: 

1. Sensors

They are the devices that keep a careful watch on your property 24X7. Sensors actually detect the burglars even on the basis of their motion and that is why they are also called motion detectors. The detectors are equipped with motion sensors to shock sensors, smoke sensors and more, thus ensuring the property is secure from any possible damage. 

2. Control Panel

It would not be wrong to refer to the Control Panel as the brain of this advanced alarm system.  On detecting any possible danger to the premise, the control panel sends signals from other devices and raises a loud alarm simultaneously. Available in different models, it is just the right alarm system for you to safeguard property and life.

3. Surveillance Camera

Video cameras are installed at main areas like entry/exit and other danger-prone areas. The camera keeps on recording everything that comes in its range so that it can be viewed later in case any emergency situation arises. 

4. Siren

When the security system detects an intruder, the control panel sends a signal to the siren that produces a loud alarm and alerts the property owners as well as those located nearby.

How does a burglar alarm work?

A burglar alarm system detects intruders and alerts the owners with some basic steps involved in the process. There are different types of burglar alarms that include bells-only systems, monitored systems and more. Whatever the type, all the alarms work in a similar fashion. Let’s have a look at how the alarm system functions:

1. Motion is sensed

When an intruder comes into the detecting range of a device, his motion is noticed and that triggers the alarm. The alarm system considers it as an unauthorized entry and therefore sends a warning message to the control panel. 

Motion sensors, door and window sensors can be placed strategically around the perimeters of a site for full security and protection. For instance, when a door is shut, the person’s contact with the door can be detected by door and window sensors. 

2. Control panel receives the warning signal

All the devices of the alarm systems are linked to a control panel which is like the central processing unit of the alarm. The complete information from the detectors is sent there and in case of any disturbance or link in the circuit that seems to be broken, the control panel immediately activates the siren to perform its job. 

3. Alarm is sounded

The alarm system is connected to a siren which is usually located outside the premise on the wall. It is this device that triggers an alarm to alert security personnel to an unauthorized entry.  Also, there is an internal sounder to alert nearby occupants there has been any possible danger so that the next course of action can be planned. 

4. Deactivate alarm

The activation and deactivation of the alarm are done using the control panel. The method is to either use a fob or numbered code. Well as technology is advancing, smartphones can also be used to control alarms via apps. 

There are different types of burglar alarm systems available in the market suited for different applications and user requirements. It is important to consider your requirements before making a purchase decision.  

Types of Alarm Systems

The burglar alarm systems work together in an electrical system set that detects intrusion and alerts security personnel. The different types of alarm systems are as follows: 

1. Wired

Such Alarm Systems operate on electric sensors and are connected to a central control panel. It is a reliable and trusted option that requires less maintenance than the wireless version.

2. Wireless

Wireless alarm systems are also connected to the control panel, however, they are different from the wired version as they are battery operated. The advantage of using wireless systems is that they are generally easy to install. 

You can choose any of these depending upon the security needs of your home or business. 

Uses of Burglar Alarms System

Let’s now understand the applications of burglar alarm systems. 

Burglar or intrusion alarm systems can be installed at residential or commercial places. The diverse range of applications of the alarm system includes:

  • Industrial areas such as offices and factories to get an alert if someone is making an unauthorized entry or to prevent theft from internal staff 
  • Residential homes and garages to prevent access of unauthorized person
  • Residences outside like the outer boundaries of the homes to alert the security personnel from any possible danger
  • Commercial premises including restaurants and hotels, etc

The installation of the devices – inside or outside depends upon the location and user requirements. The above applications are just to give you an idea, however, these alarms can benefit any location where security needs to be more advanced and of the improved version. 

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