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What Are The Best practice For the Physiotherapists During This Covid-19 Pandemic

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Every single person in the country is fighting against the novel Coronavirus that causes pandemic all over the world. From vaccine to immunity-boosting drink, they are trying every single way to stay safe. It is not only the medicines and drinks; but also exercises also have a great part in this.

As per the latest trend, it has been seen that physiotherapy is being used as the treatment in the healthcare facilities in order to treat people with Covid-19. Along with that, there are some therapies that are being used to protect one from the virus. For that reason, people are visiting the Best Physiotherapy Clinic In Gurgaon to get them and keep themselves fit.

However, there are some grave challenges that the physiotherapy industry is facing right now. The main reason is that Physiotherapy is an all contact therapy. The physiotherapists have to make direct contact with the patients that increase the scope of transmission. On the other hand, the physiotherapists are among the health care staffs that are in the first contact with the patient. And for that reason, they can easily identify the Covid symptoms at the earliest stage.

For that reason, it is very important for the physiotherapists and other primary healthcare members to know and understand how to stop the transmission of the virus while giving the service.

The first thing is that they have to depend on their professional judgment to understand where and how to provide the therapy. To create the optimal environment to care for, they have to take every possible measure to keep themselves as well as the patients safe. 

What are the safe practices for the physiotherapists to follow in the Pandemic Scenario?

It is true that Covid-19 is not the only ailment in this world as there are so many others as well. In this scenario, to keep providing the essential health service, make sure the Best Physiotherapy Clinic In Gurgaon follows the below-stated safety practice.

  • Keep Updated: The Novel Coronavirus is a new enemy about which we are not aware completely. For that reason, the guidelines from WHO or ICMR keep changing frequently. That’s why; it is very important for physiotherapists to keep follow the current resources and follow them.
  • Minimize the exposure: Though physiotherapy is an all contact treatment; there is still a way that can be done without contact. For example, you have to demonstrate from distance or arrange video consulting to keep everything safe. It is important to maintain social distancing even in physiotherapy centers.
  • Planning: It is important to have a workforce planning on how to execute the duties of the physiotherapists in this emergency situation.
  • Protection: There are certain safety measures like wearing a mask and PPE Kit and sanitizing the chamber after each session that they must follow to keep everyone safe. It is also important to reduce the workload in order to reduce the crowd by encouraging video consultancy. Make sure all the staff of the centers are well trained to execute their duties properly and safely.


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