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What Are the Best Free Logo Makers?

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Today you can find an app that becomes the best logo creator that you can have for free from a mobile. That is, from the Internet or online, you will have access to an application that allows us to design a logo without having to do much.

And this is because they have a sufficient library of images so that you can even combine them and thus have that logo that can come in handy for a small project in which you have begun to work. This post will show you a string of tools for your mobiles and computer with which you can enjoy free quality logos.

The best tools to use online or smartphone


DesignEvo is an online logo maker with over 10,000 templates in various categories such as business, beauty and education. Templates can be edited, so you can also create your own logo from the template. And with a wide variety of fonts and logos, it’s also convenient to create your own logo from scratch.

This tool is very user-friendly, so even you are a novice with no design skills and experience. The best point is that you can download it for free and preview what your logo looks like before exporting the logo. In the PLUS plan, ownership of the copyright is recognized, and trademark registration is possible within the scope of self-responsibility.


Canva is known for offering a large number of graphics for free for all types of purposes. It also has a premium offer for a monthly payment with which the amount of content you have at our disposal is exponentially expanded. 

Logo Maker

With this tool, you can make a careful selection to generate a final logo and take it to represent the brand or company you want. It has various shapes, colors, wallpapers, textures, stickers, and another series of graphic elements to give rise to that final logo.

In other words, you select the combination and let the app magically or randomly be able to create the logo for you. If we don’t want to decide and do several tests and then choose one, it is a quality generator with its user community. In fact, the 4.8 points on average for more than 200,000 reviews is due to something, so if you are looking for the easy things, do not delay in using this free logo generator for your Android mobile.

Hatchful Logo Maker

We have now reached the Shopify logo generator. And you may be wondering what is Shopify. It is a platform for online stores that has tens of thousands of users and allows online commerce to be reached by any type of user and entrepreneur.

It has a logo generator because more and more people create an online store with product sales, so it is better than offering this experience from experts in the field. We take care of selecting the basic elements of the logo so that the app does the rest for us. We choose the category and select the visual elements that can go more with the logo’s objective, and ale, to wait. If you need a free and fast logo, it is one of the best offers we have on the list, so don’t wait to try it.

Logo Maker Plus

Another huge free logo generator that is perhaps the most successful of the entire list. Best of all, it offers us a whole logo editor with which we can unleash our creativity but always hand in hand with the app to end up with a well-designed logo that hooks.

Logo Maker Plus offers us a wide variety of free graphics that we can use for our business purposes. If we already have its extensive premium libraries, if at any time we need something of higher quality or unique, we can pull them and thus be able to assess the final result if we want another logo. A great free app with its premium look that makes it one of the best logo generators.

Z logo Maker

Yes, another new free logo generator that you have available as an app on your Android mobile. That is, we pull a blank canvas to add all the elements that we have available, such as shapes, background images, 3D rotations, textures, filters, fonts and another series of graphic elements with which to complete our idea as a logotype.

We can access a limited number of template stores, but you can enjoy a wider range with premium plans. Everything will depend on the quality and finesse that we want in a logo. You already know that if we want something unique, we have to have all the options in our hands for it.


So, how do you think about these tools? It is very easy and quick to finish your logo projects. And if you want to create a logo that you can easily use for business without spending the cost of hiring a designer, why not try using the logo creation tool once.


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