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Want to know more about the Nexxt solutions Router?

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The wireless Nexxt solutions router is a complete solution for those who want to work from home and for office users. The nexxt solution router allows you to set up the concept of pages. Which means it helps you to do client-side transitions with the help of the link that provides a single page application. It helps the users to stream online videos, web surfing, chatting, problem solutions, online games, emails, and download media. The speed reaches up to 300 Mbps so that it gives you consistent signal and better connectivity. Its innovative design and technology attract the users and its three advanced antennas deliver a high speed of connection that is 6 times faster than any other product.

With its fastest reach to the signal, it helps you not to delay the work. If you visit their site re.nexxtsolutions, they provide every detail of their product, the next solutions router provides every solution to your question.

Aspects of the Nexxt solutions router

The nexxt solutions routers have some aspects so the buyer can easily judge the product are discussed below:

Network Stability

The Nexxt solutions routers provide you the best signal connectivity. Also, a stable network that will not cause any problem in your work.

Three Omnidirectional 5dbi antennas

Its three high gain 5dbi antennas provide you a higher level reach that is 6 times faster than any other product and that also increases the stability and brings reliability to your signal. With 5dbi antennas, you can expand or increase the coverage area. It covers a distance of 500 meters easily and this the major specification of the nexxt solutions router.

Wireless connection in Nexxt solutions router

The nexxt solutions router provides you a wireless connection that means it performs both indoor and outdoor activities. You don’t have to handle the large cables, it gives you access control wherever you are in your house. With the help of a wireless connection, you can connect your PC or your mobile phone, or tablet.

Protects your network from malicious activities/attacks

The nexxt step solutions router protects you from malicious activities. It is secured and equipped with a firewall, that saves from the attacks of the hackers. It saves the network from infected devices.
If you want to secure your network from malicious attacks then daily update your software. Also, use unique passwords, increase the security of your network by installing firewalls on your network devices. Protect your email with end-to-end encryption, configure your factory defaults into the settings of your software or hardware.

Elimination of dead zone issues in your network

Having dead spots in your network can create a bounce in your network throughout your home. Because the nexxt solutions routers already have 5dbi antennas that can reduce the chances of dead spots in your network.

How to configure the Nexxt solutions router?

There are the steps to configure the Nexxt solutions routers for the convenience of the users are informed below:

The first step is to check the connectivity of the internet connection then, step by step follow the manual for nexxt.setup.

The second step is to check for the nexxt solution router app. If it is not installed then check the manual that came with the nexxt solutions router. Then download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App store.

After that, set up your router in an open place so that you can get open WiFi coverage.

Another step is to check the cable connection, you can use CAT6 or CAT5e to set up the cable connection. Use the Ethernet cable or Intenet port to set it up by WAN.

Then, check the LEDs lights, if it is blinking then your router is ready. But if your router doesn’t flash the light then check for the internet connection or check the cable connection.

When your router is ready then create the username or password to log in through the app, which requires.
After creating the user name and password then set up the password. It should be strong and unique which saves it from malicious activities.

In the end. Set up for the security system such as a firewall. That protects you from malicious attacks and for the privacy set up for the VPN.

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