Types of nail art that one can learn

Nail art has become quite a style statement in the past few years. It is associated with the art of painting and drawing various kinds of exclusive nail art. 

Learning to do it properly from the professionals is very important and in order to learn this art form, one not only has to be creative but should have a real passion towards art and painting. There are courses offered for nail art training in Delhi and learn from there in order to become experts in near future.

Here are some major varieties of art that one can learn:

Painting with a brush

This is a technique which is just like any other painting and one can learn to use different kinds of brushes which are suitable for nail brush painting. These mostly come with synthetic bristles and one can learn to draw a basic template of their choice at first. Practice is necessary to get the perfect strokes on the nails. There are various types of brushes like flat brushes, angled brushes, dotting brushes, line brushes and many more which can help one to get various patterns on the nails.

Sponge Bobbing

If one wants to make some achromatic designs on the nails then this technique can be used. Here, the finishing is done with the help of a sponge which can be spattered or sprinkled. There are various sponges that one can use but it depends on what kind of designs and patterns are expected. First a basic coat of polish is applied on the nails and dried. Then a sponge with nail polish is used on the nails to make the designs.


In this case, the image which has been printed on the nails is needed to be covered with a stumpy layer of some special nail paint. Later one has to scrape that rigidly across the nail polish and a residual pattern is created there. 


Here, a base colour is firstly applied on the nails and then the tape is cut into small pieces and then later applied to the nails. They are tiny pieces of tapes which are applied to the areas of nails and are to be left on the base colour itself. One can apply the next coat of the colour of they wish to apply it on the unified nail. Then lastly the tape needs to be removed gently.

 Stencil Method

One can use stencils which can be implanted on the nails which already has dry coat of nail polish as the background of the image of stencils. These stencils are placed against the nails and then they are painted with different colours of nail polish. After that, the stencil is removed and a pattern is created.

Airbrush Nail Art Technique

Here, airbrush machines are used for the drizzling paints on the nails. They are the combination of stickers and stencils that can give nail paints a desired look.One can take professional nail art training in Delhi, in order to become an expert in this field.

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