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How to Choose the Best Timber for Your Decking Project

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Once you have decided on using timber for your decking project, the difficult part is time to choose, which the best-suited timber is. 

There are many factors that need to be considered while choosing the timber for your project. You must ask yourself some key questions before you jump into selecting the timber.

These are some important considerations to keep in mind;

  • Is your deck covered or protected by the sun and rain?
  • How much maintenance are you willing to spend on? Timber requires maintenance and requires more attention, so you must be prepared for that.
  • Are you going to build a pool? If yes, you will want something that can withstand the higher than normal water content.
  • The most important thing is having a budget. You must make sure you stick to it and then consider buying the timber. Going overboard would burden you in many ways.

Once you have gone through the questions and cleared your doubts about them you must make a move on choosing the timber you need. Below is a list of factors you must consider before purchasing the right timber for your decking project.

Timber is known to be naturally beautiful and has an antique look to it. It offers an aesthetic effect to most individuals. So, when choosing the species you must consider what shade you are looking to have on your deck. You must choose a shade that matches the colour of the wood and shines. It will surely create a décor statement when the deck is ready.

When you choose the timber make sure you pick the one that withstands the climatic conditions it will be exposed to. Keep in mind the exposure to extreme rain and sunshine and sometimes even windstorms. There are protection oils that come in handy for extreme conditions and tough climates.

The fact is whichever species you choose, your make will always need to be maintained and regular maintenance must be done. So you must also keep in mind that some materials are quicker and easier to maintain like softwood decking boards.

The price of timber varies a lot and they range from hardwood and softwood decking boards to pines. It depends on your budget and the availability of timber as to which one you choose. If you are in a tight frame then make sure you plan well in advance. You must consider the space that needs to be covered and also consider the features you require on your deck. Sometimes, you might want a certain type of timber that fits your budget but is not available at that moment and you might have to go for a more expensive one.

So, it is smart to be prepared and pre-order it for the time you are working towards getting your deck ready. Also, the timber that is more widely available is cheaper and easily available so if you are looking at a budget, you must pick that kind.


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