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Tps Report Stands For Test Procedure Specification | Resignated Definition

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Do you know what tps report is? Have you any idea how we use this report for various purposes? If not, then this article is for you. Here I’ll explain in detail the meaning of this term and various definitions of this word.

Meaning Of Tps Report

Tps report is a test procedure specification. This document is very important for the individuals and groups or quality assurance. In addition, the field of software engineering gives a lot of attention to this document. 

Common Definition

Tps report is a document that defines the procedures of testing and all the relevant processes. Moreover, the processes and procedures are designed by specific institutions.  

So, this report explains all the methods and ways through which the tester will run the physical tests. The setup necessary to run the test is also available in this report. Furthermore, the procedures by which the set-up will run should also be a part of the Tps report.

Other Meanings

There are also several other meanings of this term. Such as some people think that it is an unnecessary document that owners imposed on the employees. However, the actual and accurate meaning is the same we have been described above.

Practical Used OrTps Report

Practically this term in those places where quality control and quality assurance procedures are significant. This report contains all the specifications essential for conducting the tests in the field and laboratory. Thus, no one can deny the importance of the tps report.


If we talk about the meaning of word resignated, then there is no right meaning of this word. The reason is that this word does not exist in any language or dictionary. So no one can tell the meaning and definition of this word. However, we will tell you what is the background of this term.

Background Or This Term

Many people use this word as a third form of word resign. The meaning of resigns is an act of leaving a specific position or a job. So whenever you leave a particular position or job you write a statement which is called a resignation letter. So many people around us use the wrong word resignated instead of the right word resignation.

Other Meanings

Some people also say that this word is misinterpreted for the actual word resonate. They have got this idea from a reality show on the internet. So, they think that it is used as an alternative of resonate.

The other meanings of this term can be

  • Quitting
  • Leaving
  • Retirement
  • Vacating
  • Giving up
  • Abduction and many more.

Origin Of Resignate

The origin of this word is from the mid-twentieth century. The employee of a well-reputed site uses this word for quitting a job. After that this term came in the use of the common public. So, if you hear this word, don’t need to get confused. Just understand what the speaker is trying to say to you. Thus, these all are the definitions and meanings of the word resignated. 


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