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Top 3 Visual Studio Tutorials for Beginners in 2021

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Visual Studio is an integrated development environment from the house of Microsoft. It helps you create computer programs, websites, web applications, web administrations, and a lot more. If you have just started learning about this development environment, you will need online Visual Studio assignment help quite often. However, you can educate yourself about the use of this environment if you have access to the right tutorials.

C# Developers by Udemy:

This certificate tutorial course has a duration of 1.5 hours. Here, you will learn:

  • 60+ keyboard shortcuts that accelerate your coding speed.
  • How can you write more code with less typing?
  • How can you work with just your keyboard and rely less on the mouse?
  • How to navigate your projects and quickly find the files, classes, and members?
  • How to accelerate the compilation, running, and debugging of applications?

Needless to say, this course can make you as skilled as the Visual Studio assignment experts in a few weeks.

Building a Calculator Using C# by Coursera:

This is yet another certificate course Paper writing service that helps you develop your coding skills. This tutorial program by Coursera also runs for 1.5 hours. Here, you get to learn:

  • How to identify, write and execute basic coding structures in C#?
  • How to display information on the Console in a simple application in the Visual Studio .NET environment?
  • How to declare and use numeric variables and constants for different data types?
  • How to use decision making statements?
  • How to modify variables?
  • How to declare a single-dimensional array to add more numbers

After finishing this course, you will have an thorough understanding of why and when to apply these basic programming concepts.

C# Course with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 by Udemy:

This is again a certificate course curated by matlab Assignment Help Udemy. However, the length of this course is significantly longer – 16.5 hours. In this course, you get to learn:

  • How should one find, download and install Visual Studio?
  • How to create and run a basic console application?
  • How to declare and initialise variables?
  • How to make use of the locals and call stack windows in VS environment?
  • How to step through a program line by line for the highest level of comprehension?
  • How to use various variable types?
  • How to code loops?
  • How to code switch statements?
  • How to call functions from client code?
  • How to create a simple inheritance structure?
  • How to make use of the length property of arrays, and how to convert between data types?
  • How to write generic classes and interfaces?
  • How to work with SQL server?
  • How to create windows services?
  • How to serialise and deserialise objects, and a lot more.

You should always check out the details of the courses before you get started with them. While both Udemy and Coursera are reputed college assignment help online learning platforms, you should still seek advice from experienced programmers before joining any such online courses.

Summary: Learning visual studio can be a lot easier if you know where to look for guidance. This article highlights some of the best visual studio tutorials for beginners available on the internet in 2021.

Author bio: Richard Derekson is a computer programmer working for a reputed MNC. He is also a part of the team of experts at MyAssignmenthelp.com, where he offers visual studio assignment help on requests. He has also helped develop several tools for the website.

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