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5 Most popular mistakes when adding Local citations/5 Common issues that could make your local business citations less effective

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Today, one of the most important things that you can do when running a business is utilise citation building. Through having your business on directory listings and by building citations, you can really help to boost your visibility. What, though, are common mistakes when adding local citations?

Duplicate listings

One of the most common mistakes stems from people producing duplicate directory listings. Make sure that you don’t just keep creating identical listings on pages. Whether you make more than one listing per directory or you use the same writing and information on each directory listing, you will feel the pinch by doing this.

Duplicate listings will cause problems with Local SEO and minimise listing impact.

A lack of details

Many profiles today for a business directory are not fully filled in. if you would like to avoid that mistake then you should look to add 100% detail to every profile that you build. You should be adding in everything from the opening hours of your business to when you are available online. Make sure everything is listed clearly so that people know exactly what you are doing, and how they can easily find out more about you.

A lack of verification

Every time you make a business listing today, you will be expected to verify it – often via phone call. You should look to verify your business listings ASAP. This will ensure that you are appearing online via their platform as a live listing. Without verification, then you either will not appear at all or you will be much further down the list than you should be. Make sure you take the time to verify every citation that you have created.

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Excessive submissions

Another mistake is to submit all of your citation building exercises over a few days. Try and space this out over a period of weeks. Say you find 20 likely destinations that you could use to your advantage. All good, solid, well-visited local directory listings. Instead of submitting them all at once, aim to submit 3-4 per week.

This is better for natural Local SEO and should help you to populate the internet with your name on a more methodical basis.

Forgetting to save login details

Another common mistake that many people make when making directory listings is failing to keep account details accessible. Take the time to make a document with all of your Local Citations login details available. This is essential as you need to be able to log in and edit every citation on a regular basis if anything about your business – name, address, website etc. – all change over time. Make sure you have a database of all of your online business listings and the login details needed to gain access!

Of course, if you need any help with the challenge of citation building then you need only reach out to us today for help. Our team can help you with citation building and directory listings, starting at only $0.40 per listing. For more help, contact us today for help from the best SEO service you need for local citations.


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