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Top 3 Key Trends that are Changing the Future of Candles Boxes

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Top 3 Key Trends that are Changing the Future of Candles Boxes

Candles play a vital role in our life. Nowadays, these candles play more function than just enlighten our homes. These are used to decorate and fragrant in the house and the events. These are also a symbol of love, light, and humility. Now candles  boxes are considered as an important part of events like weddings and birthday parties. These fascinating objects are now becoming an essential part of our lots of events.

The rapidly increasing need for candles also increases the need for Candles Boxes. There is a great innovation in the packaging of the candle as in candles style itself. The trends of using candles in events and as a gift purpose give a boost to the candle boxes customizing companies. The new trends of candles that bring a great change in the packaging of candles and increase the need for candle boxes are:

1. Extreme use of candles in the events

2. New emerging brands of candles

3. Use of candles as a gift

These reasons bring a great change in the candles boxes companies, and they try to make their boxes unique and innovative from others.

Unbeatable Variety in the Styles and Design of Candle Boxes

There is great competition among the different brands to sell their candles. So, to present their products in different styles, candle manufacturing companies contact the box customizing companies. An immense variety of boxes according to the need of different candles is available in the market and every box has its value and specification.

Hut shape box: These hut-shaped boxes are perfect for candle packaging. These boxes are not just used to protect the candle perfectly but also used for decoration. If you want to give candles as a gift to someone then this style is the best option as it gives a delicate and stunning look.

• Sleeve and Tray Boxes

Sleeve and tray boxes are the best options for the packaging of the tower and floating candles. These boxes help to maintain them perfectly in horizontal form. It is easy to open and pick the candles without any inconvenience.

• Front and Reverse end Tuck Boxes

This is the most common style of Presentation Boxes mostly used for the packaging of individual candles and a pack of tower candles. Candles can be kept in them horizontally or vertically. For the protection of the candles, you can wrap the candles in simple Kraft paper and then put them in the box, or you can also add partitions to keep them safe from damage.

Some Cool Features that Companies are Using to Make Candles Boxes Appealing:

As its trend to use candles for decoration, so its packaging should be alluring to capture the customers’ attention.

• Add Insertion

Insertion can be used to keep the candles safe from any scratches due to the friction between the candles. It helps to deliver the candles safe and sound at their destination. It maintains the shape of the candles while shipping on the vibrant roads.

• Add Ribbons

For a more appealing and enticing look at the Game Boxes, you can use a ribbon handle of different colors. It enhances the beauty of the boxes and gives a boost to the sale. It is also perfect when you are giving the candles as a gift. Ribbon bows on the candle boxes will give a stunning look. It makes the boxes persuasive for the customers. This is the best option to make gift boxes.

• Window die-cut

By using this cool feature, you can showcase your candles elegantly. Companies use window die-cut in different shapes as per the demand of the clients. It makes the box alluring and allows the customer to see the beautiful colored candles without opening the box that will save the time of the customer.

Different Materials that are Using for the Manufacturing of Candle Boxes:

Corrugated, cardboard, and Kraft paper are the most using manufacturing material.

• Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are the best option when you have to deliver the products in bulk. Every company prefers to choose corrugated for the shipping boxes. These are not just sturdy that can bear more load but also cost-effective boxes for games. To make them sturdier manufacturers increase the layers of the flute in them. Therefore, to deliver the candles safe and sound at their destination companies used these boxes.

• Cardboard

In everyday life, we see most things packed in cardboard boxes. It is the best and most common manufacturing material that companies use for packaging. Due to its amazing features like cost-effectiveness, eco-friendly nature, and durability people prefer to choose it.

Moreover, it is flexible enough to mold in any shape and perfect for every kind of printing technology make it the best choice for the manufacturers. No matter what kind of candle you want to pack, either it is a towering candle, cylindrical candle, or wax pot. These cardboard boxes are the best option to keep them safe.

Furthermore, you can print any color on it, and perfect for brand awareness and decorative candles. It can also improve the marketing of the candles. Its flexibility also makes it stand in the market as the best manufacturing material.

• Kraft Paper Box

This is the best option to keep the candles safe from scratching. It is not sturdy to protect the candles from damage but helps to keep them safe from scratches. Most companies use it to wrap the candle in it. It is used to pack a single candle. It can also be printed in various colors.

Best Place to Customize Candle Boxes

Many companies are providing their services to customize candles boxes. iCustom Boxes is one of the best customizing companies which provide the most trendy and innovative boxes. If you want to advertise your brand, we are here to help you by printing your brand name and logo on the candle boxes with advanced printing technologies. We are offering minimum rates and high quality. You are free to choose your desired color, style, and size of the boxes.



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