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Sidewalk & Walkway Trip Hazards

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Despite local ordinances requiring property owners to maintain their sidewalks and ensure snow and ice are taken care of, no state law requires private property owners to maintain safe public sidewalks. You might be eligible to file a lawsuit for your slip-and-fall injuries under certain circumstances.

Common Sidewalk and Walkway Trip Hazards

Slip and fall accidents on a walkway or sidewalk can occur for many reasons. They are often caused by:

  • Sidewalks with depressions or indentations
  • Uneven pavers, stairways, and heaved slabs on walkways
  • Cracked concrete or asphalt
  • Damage to sidewalks and walkways caused by tree roots
  • Unshoveled ice and snow
  • Poorly lit sidewalks and walkways

Liability for Private Walkways and Sidewalks

Although homeowners are not responsible for the public sidewalk in front of their homes. They are still liable to maintain walkways and sidewalks on their property.

New Jersey’s premises liability laws make property owners liable. If someone gets injured due to poor property care. Such as failing to remove snow or ice during the winter months.

Property owners must also provide adequate warnings. If there are any hazards on or near their property, such as a chance of falling ice.

Liability for Commercial Walkways and Sidewalks

Commercial property owners are liable to investigate any current or prospective risks in their common spaces. Like sidewalks and walkways where there could be uneven ground due to depressions. They are responsible for the care and maintenance of the areas around their building. To ensure visitors and clients can safely walk around the property.

What About Public Sidewalks and Walkways?

Under the New Jersey Tort Claims Act. Certain claims can be filed against local governments and public entities, such as poorly maintained sidewalks and roadways.

You have up to 90 days to file a notice of a claim against a local government after an accident occurs. Consult a lawyer before your deadline expires so they can help you draft your notice.

Our Newark Pedestrian Lawyers Can Help You

If you have been injured because of unsafe conditions on a sidewalk or walkway. Speak with a personal injury lawyer from a Newark pedestrian accident law firm today. Contact a competent slip and fall lawyer for help filing a claim and building your legal case.


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