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Top 20 online tools to boost your productivity at workplace

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People adapted to remote work faster than one could think of and working became easy. Initially, we all struggled to juggle work, home and the constant distraction posed by social media and other online channels but we quickly learned to manage things with the help of various productivity tool that made working and managing time easier.

Apart from the fun of working from home at one’s comfort, one of the major reasons for this successful transition was these tools. 

These online tools help in maintaining a high productivity level by simplifying a lot of tasks. There are numerous tools available online but we have curated a list of the top 20 online productivity tool to help you focus on your work and maintain productivity. 

1.  Slack 

Slack is an amazing communication and collaboration tool that makes communicating and coordinating with the team easy. With Slack, you can create different channels for different topics and projects and add relevant people to those channels to make the project communication easy. It also allows sending images, files, videos, texts, etc. 

This tool is used by many companies and is very useful for remote teams as it enables the team to come to the same place. Another important feature of Slack is that it allows integration of over 1000 other tools for better productivity tool like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. 

2.  Clockify 

As the name suggests, Clockify is a time tracking tool that helps you to track your time and get an insight into your performance. It enables tracking time with a timer mode and also allows manual entry through manual mode. 

This tool helps you to ascertain where you are spending your time, whether you were productive or did you spend your time on trivial activities. This also allows you to generate and export the detailed report of all your activities that are logged in the tool 

With this tool, you can track the time of your work as well. It provides weekly reports that help in tracking weekly and daily targets.  

3.  Google Drive 

Google Drive is a revolutionary tool that makes collaborating for projects so much easier. You can share-edit a document with your team and you can work on it at the same time. Depending on the permission given by the creator of the document, people can comment, edit, or suggest changes in the document.  

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4.  Google Alerts 

Google Alert is perfect for those who love staying up-to-date with what’s happening around. The keywords specified by you enable notifications about those topics. You can also set the frequency of these notifications. 

5.  Streak for Gmail

Streak for Gmail is an email managing tool that reduces the time invested in emails and speeds up the work. It tracks your emails, tells you if and when the recipient opened the email and also allows you to create shortcuts for repetitive emails with its option ‘snippet’.

6.  Dropbox

Dropbox is a safe space for keeping data securely in one place. It is a cloud service where you can store all your data and access it from anywhere, anytime. You can create groups, share documents, delete files from the devices stolen or lost and a lot more. 

7.  Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one simple and very useful tool for maintaining schedules, tasks and set reminders. You can create schedules for your team as well, book their time for meetings, organize meetings, organize events and make Hangout calls. It notifies you of deadlines, meetings and when to start working, etc.   

8.  TaskOPad

TaskOPad is a project management tool that simplifies organizational functions like project management, sales, budgeting, marketing, goals and tasks, workflow management, etc. This tool makes it easy for project managers to understand if a team member is overworked and enables them to prioritize work accordingly. It creates a seamless workflow and tracks productivity making taking action on improving any discrepancy easy. 

This tool allows the managers to have a birds-eye view of everything from sales, finance, revenue, etc. and get a clear picture of the project progress. It also enables inter-departmental collaborations easy for coordination on projects that require different departments to work together.  

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9.  Email Analytics

This tool provides insight into email activity and helps in making productive email choices. It calculates the average email response time and sends yesterday’s email report summary daily.  

10.  Trello

Trello is another project management tool for team collaboration, managing projects and tasks. It uses boards that represent a project and cards that represent tasks. It allows you to create tasks, track progress, create a to-do list, categories indicating work-in-progress, completed tasks, etc. 

11.  TeamViewer 

This tool enables screen sharing for connecting with remote teams, making presentations, etc. It also allows the team members to access files on the computer of the team member, once given permission, to work together.  

12.  Evernote 

Evernote is a quick note-taking and sharing app that also includes videos, audio, images, web clips, web pages. You can draw charts, diagrams, write notes, etc on it. It also allows integrating Clockify for time tracking and with Trello as well.  

13.  IFTTT

IFTTT works the principle of ‘if-this-then-that’ and allows you to sync two apps together. It enables you to choose from your apps and streamline your work.  

14.  Hootsuite

This is a social media manager that allows you to schedule multiple posts on multiple platforms. It also provides insights into social media mentions and outreach. It is one of the best options for managing multiple social media platforms. 

15.  LastPass

If you forget passwords, then this app is a boon for you. This tool allows you to save your passwords. It works as an online vault. All you need is a master password to get quick access to your confidential information and login data. It is safe to use as it encrypts the data even from the software. 

16.  Freedom 

Freedom gives you freedom from wasting your time on websites and apps by creating a blocking list and scheduling blocks. This tool also allows you to block the entire internet so that you are not tempted to surf the web.

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17.  Focal filter 

Focal Filter is another classic website blocker. This tool blocks websites and helps you to stop procrastinating and focus on your work. You just have to add the website to the list and you won’t be able to visit them for the time specified by you and when the time expires, Focal Filter will notify you. 

18.  Dynalist

This is a very good tool for creating task checklists. It helps you to make notes and organize items by categorizing them with different labels. 

19.  A soft murmur

This is a focus tool that enables you to focus on work by playing an ambient sound. You can choose from the background sounds from the list and focus on your work.  

20.  Sketch

This is a design tool to improve productivity for designers. It allows collaboration with other designers and offers features that help and improve creating designs. 

These productivity tool will surely be of great help if you want to increase your productivity and cut down on wasting time on social media websites or invest your precious time in managing your emails. Whether for the office or at home, these tools will work for you from anywhere. 


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