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In the large family of marketing tools, coffee packaging is one of the most powerful tools available to you. The best designs will be both functional and eye-catching, ensuring safety during shipping while capturing the attention of new customers while doing custom packaging for small business.

To protect your product

The best coffee packaging is not only visually appealing. It is also functional.

Above all, whether your coffee is ground, flavored, or in beans, the packaging must ensure a protective function. When designing your packaging, look for the materials and styles that will keep your product fresh throughout shipping and then storage. Achievements that will stand up to consumer handling and use. Real quality assurance!

To promote your brand using coffee packaging

Go for a bold design, and highlight the most interesting aspects of your business on your packaging. This may be the place where the grains were harvested. The ecological efforts of your brand and the distinct flavors of your blends.

Use your packaging to promote your brand’s values ​​and story. Customers will be attracted to your product and will be more likely to buy your coffee in the future.

To boost your sales using coffee packaging

Who said we stopped judging by appearances? In the world of marketing, this is a fact. Good custom packaging will set your coffee apart from others!

It is estimated that a consumer will not spend more than 7 seconds in his decision-making. This is where the coffee packaging is called upon to help him make his choice.

Because the packaging of your coffee will crystallize its first impression, regardless of the quality of the product contained. Without specific research in mind, it is the most attractive or the most original packaging that will win all the votes.

Coffee packaging to better tell your story using coffee packaging

Beyond the aesthetic barrier, creative coffee packaging will tell the story of your brand and your coffee. It will educate customers on everything they need to know, to better appreciate not only your product but also your values, and much more!

Your origins

This is nothing new stories sell! Isn’t there an emotional facet that could show through your packaging? Why not include, for example, the origin of your grains? A floral blend from Ethiopia or a vanilla coffee from Colombia will definitely invite you to travel.

Do you work with a small fair trade coffee plantation? Well done! Provide information about the farmers and their mission. As our society takes the road to more environmentally friendly alternatives, consumers are also aware of the environmental impact of a product. Convey the (true) message that your company cares about people, quality and the planet!

Your consumer advice for coffee packaging

The complexity and depth of flavor in your coffee go beyond just roasting it. Help your customers understand the differences between each mixture. Add descriptive text to your packaging, detail the variety of flavors hidden in each sachet. And consider adding a few suggestions on the back to perfect the tasting!

The counter of a cafe is the people’s parliament.

Information that will not need to be offered in the form of blocks of text of course. Once again, creativity above all! Simple and minimalist graphics will be able to convey the necessary information without creating visual clutter on the packaging.

What packaging for my coffee?

And this is where we get to the heart of the matter! Coffee packaging is shared on the shelves. Between a handful of main types.

Flat bottom bags

One of the most popular packaging formats in the coffee industry. They provide a prominent presence on store shelves, and can stand unassisted for maximum impact. Most often you will notice that the top of the pouch will be folded up or completely sealed down.

Flexible packaging

We like them for their modularity and the possibility of standing them up, even in the absence of a flat bottom. Generally a little more expensive than other types of bags and sachets, their flexibility will allow them to withstand larger fillings without fear of tearing them!

Glass jars

Glass jars have gradually made a place for themselves alongside traditional cans. More brittle, of course, but wonderfully ecological! Like fruit juices, they will also have the advantage of offering a good overview of their delicious content.

Cardboard boxes

These will contain a plastic sleeve that will directly enclose your product, for added security. Or your pods neatly stored. The semi-rigid cardboard will offer maximum protection but also simplified storage capacity, recyclable characteristics, and large customization areas. We love!

The freshness point

Will your coffee be distributed in stores, cafes, businesses? Or shipped to end-users worldwide. In any case, it will have to reach its final destination completely fresh.

When designing your coffee packaging, consider a modified atmosphere packaging system. The most popular remaining is the degassing process, which allows the natural build-up of carbon dioxide in freshly roasted coffee while preventing the passage of oxygen, moisture or light inside the bag, responsible. Alteration of freshness.

Other options will include the nitrogen flush, which will remove oxygen before filling. Processes of this type will be suitable for coffee beans as well as ground coffee or capsules. It’s up to you to make your choice according to your needs!

The practicality point

How to attract and retain customers who are less and less loyal, adept at exploring the many options available to them? It’s about surprising them, and anticipating each of their expectations!

Here we think of zippers, perfect for ideal storage and future reuse. For packages and smaller bags, which will envy your new customers to try your brand without constraints? And of course, here again, to the informative labels which will answer all their questions upstream!

A design that sells!

A little secret Good packaging will be essential in building a successful coffee brand. Wow!

When you start to design your logo and labels, the most important factor will be to come up with something original that embodies the spirit of your brand. And finding an innovative design will not be easy! So, where do we start?

High end black?

Black goes with just about everything. But when black and gold are combined, great! Now they create a luxurious and elegant impression that every brand can take advantage of. Perfect for creating a feeling of exclusivity.

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