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Contain, protect, preserve, promote custom packaging has long served a multitude of functions! And this is today inextricably linked of packaging’s to our lifestyles and our consumption patterns.

At a time when a growing number of consumers now believe that custom packaging’s in all its forms is unnecessary, the truth is different. In reality, it would be extremely difficult to imagine a world without packaging.

Throughout all cities in all countries, food would then have to be grown locally. Transformed as quickly as possible before it deteriorates. Consumers would be forced to shop in bulk almost every day. Without packaging to promote food preservation, however, food waste could be increased.

An unthinkable consequence is when we know that already today; the weight of avoidable food waste turns out to be much higher than that of packaging waste. Our fate is inseparable from that of the environment. Let’s stop believing ourselves above, or outside.

Food left in landfills rotates nearly 15 times more methane than custom packaging for small business waste.

 At the same time, the issue of over-packing remains open, especially during major events of the year. Christmas or Easter, with their pretty gift boxes and ephemeral packaging, there is a definite possibility of increased waste. A waste is inseparable from the experience of the gift, on which it is possible to act however without harming the pleasure.

In short, it is difficult to envision a world without packaging. That would mean having to rethink trade in its entirety. However, sustainable alternatives and the circular economy are progressing to find this delicate balance which will encompass health security, respect for the environment, and conservation of our human lifestyles.

A balance that will require some adjustments of course. But in which it is possible for us to take part today!

Towards a reduction in the proportion of packaging’s

According to the principle of circular economy, the reduction in the proportion of packaging can be achieved by following the 4 main axes


 Concentrate content and make packaging materials more compact. This can already be seen on the side of fruit juices or certain brands of laundry. The share of their packaging was reduced by 40%.

 Replace Disposable materials from non-renewable resources with more sustainable materials. Petroleum-based resins regularly give pride of place to renewable plant-based resins.

 Always remember that very little is needed to lead a happy life.


By diverting the packaging from its original function. Or by further developing the principle of recharging.


Promote recycling by using more recyclable or already recycled materials.

 Act on materials

It is estimated that over 75 million tonnes of packaging waste are generated each year. But that only half of them are properly recycled. This means that nearly 40 million tonnes will go to landfills or incinerators. With catastrophic consequences for the environment.

This is why a growing number of companies are now turning to more environmentally friendly materials throughout the packaging lifecycle. We think of cardboard or paper, of course, as great champions of eco-packaging! But we also think of PET, this type of plastic that can be recycled easily. Glass and metal too, infinitely recyclable, although heavier!

Using recyclable and reusable materials reduces the amount of packaging waste. A large part that can be transformed and reused efficiently for other purposes. A few more innovative brands are already using specific materials. Some are soluble in water for example!

Promote minimalism

As marketing strategies are constantly evolving, alternative locations dedicated to communicating messages are on the rise. In a line of sight, additional content, generally digital, is accessible via a QR code for example. But also minimalist packaging, the simplicity of which will allow a much more readable dialogue.

Minimal packaging not only reduces the use of materials but also the cost of the product. Less energy required, less fuel for transport… And optimized accounts!

In this new form of marketing rebellion, when the shelves are saturated with reference, the simplicity suddenly becomes much more noticeable. We put on a simple ribbon around a soap. A single package freed from a double layer of corrugated cardboard. A pack of bottles slipped into packaging on which a window has been pierced to distinguish the content.

The ideal is eventually that everything can be reused, so as not to produce waste.

How to reuse the packaging’s?

BENEFITS OF GREAT PACKAGING BOXES include Recyclable, biodegradable, reusable packaging… In the end, reusable packaging appears to be the most promising solution in terms of replacing single-use products!

Where the global food industry was one of the first to integrate the reuse of packaging in the form of refillable packaging for example, which can be found even today in fast-food restaurants, many other sectors are now getting started.

Today, car manufacturers regularly opt for returnable packaging for the transport of heavy and bulky parts. The aerospace industry regularly chooses thermoformed plastic packaging’s, to be reused on other occasions.

What are the future trends that will determine the future of reusable packaging’s? Their association with personalized intelligent packaging, which is very popular today, should lead to a tremendous improvement in the customer experience. And a marked increase in business benefits.

Alongside businesses, it is also consumers who will reuse packaging that can lend themselves to the game at will. Perhaps you have already seen these gas cans that are found in decoration today. These reused shipping boxes for your own shipments. These boxes transformed into planters. Or, these metal coffee boxes which, once cleaned, can accommodate flowers and small plants of all kinds.

There is no shortage of ideas, do not hesitate to be creative! No need to look any further what will be the box of your next gift box.


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