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BENEFITS OF GREAT PACKAGING The most significant advantage of good custom packaging for small business is strengthening your customer loyalty, which results in future sales. If you only think of the one time sales opportunity with every purchase, you will miss meaningful opportunities. A satisfied customer becomes a regular customer and at the same time has a positive influence on the opinion of others. When talking to friends or family, the positive buying experience is seldom left unmentioned. You can use it to generate many additional purchases from one buyer. There is no better advertising method, precisely because you do not incur any additional costs.


Buying an experience outweighs buying a product. Customers want a shopping experience and not just the simple receipt of their goods. When a customer receives a package, it is individually wrapped. Maintenance of expectations is awakened, and the curiosity of the customer is stimulated. Good packaging offers substantial added value and allows customers to enjoy their shopping on a different level.


On YouTube and Instagram, unboxing videos are one of the most popular types of content. Many YouTubers and influencers regularly upload such videos and share their buying experience with others. Thus, the moment of unpacking is preserved and shared with others. Of course, brands also arouse the expectations of viewers. They establish a standard that must also be adhered to in the future. At the same time, there is an opportunity for you to generate reach on social media using improved packaging. That can increase your sales.

How to optimize your packaging to generate further sales

When optimizing packaging, it is essential not to lose sight of the primary purpose of your packaging. Even the most beautiful packaging will not bring you any benefit if the product breaks inside. Instead, you will lose money. In the following, we have collected some ideas for you to create creative packaging.

1 storytelling

Storytelling is a popular method in marketing. You can tell the story of your brand and engage your customers. It’s a valuable tool for addressing your customers’ emotions. Make something extraordinary out of your packaging; be remembered by your customers. Unfortunately, in some cases, you create such a strong bond that recipients continue to use the boxes for a long time and misuse them. This means that your box remains in the household for a long time, and the customer is often reminded to order.

2 Personal cards

When your package arrives at the customer, you have the chance to create an even more personal and intimate experience if you use your means of communication skillfully. You want to use this moment to strengthen the bond between the customer and your brand. While discount codes can be a valuable tool here, other strategies exist as well. Remember to deliver sufficient added value consistently. This can be further product information or inspiration. If you want to personalize this step, you can enclose a card and introduce yourself, your company, or your team. Perhaps even handwritten or signed by the team members, such a thank you card gives every delivery a personal touch.

3 Improve the design of the box

This technique is the easiest way to make your packaging stand out from the crowd. By changing the packaging look, you can make it look like a travel suitcase, treasure chest, robot, or anything else you can think of. Print your boxes individually and attract attention. You will be fondly remembered by your customers and emotionally addressed by your packaging.

4 organization

Packaging is much more than just the box. An important topic here is the organization and presentation of the products inside. By using tape or string, for example, you can position your items inside the box. This will prevent the individual elements from getting mixed up during transport. Give each part of your shipping box a place.

5 Interactive packaging

QR codes are an exciting, interactive tool. You arouse your customers’ curiosity, and at the same time, you can send them targeted to landing pages. But never use such elements haphazardly. Instead, you should have a clear objective. For example, if you want to achieve a more considerable following on social media, you can link to it with the code. You can also hide discount codes from the thank you videos here. You can also offer your customers great added value with instructions or tutorials, which they will be happy about.

Have we already been able to inspire you for a new packaging design?

We hope that we can help you optimize your wholesale custom packaging in a targeted manner with this article. As always, it is all about the right measure. If you overdo it, you could create problems. But, on the other hand, if you follow our tips, you will retain your customers for the long term to your company and increase your income.


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