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Things Everyone Must Know About High School Admission and The CBSE School Fees Structure

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Looking for High School admission and wondering about the CBSE school fees structure in Ahmedabad? Remember these crucial points before you start the process.

The admissions process can stress you out, especially for parents and students who don’t know what to expect during the High School admission process. This often leads to a list of questions and doubts that keep playing in their head.

Some of the most common questions are:

Whether the application has to be filled online or offline? 

Which forms need to be filled? 

What’s the procedure of school transfer to GIIS? 

What is the CBSE School Fees Structure?

This article will help you to clear all your doubts and outline the High School Admission process.

Know admission dates in advance and Block your dates

Every school is different, so their dates may differ accordingly but knowing High School Admission application dates and timings in advance will help you to prepare all the documents and you will have enough time in hand. Start placing your required documentation in place and start as early as possible. You can use various apps to set reminders a few days before so that you block your dates and time for submission.

Some schools take admission throughout the year and some have strict deadlines. It would be great to start the process as early as possible so that you do not lose your child’s seat in your preferred International School and settle for a different choice. 

The best thing to start early is you will get the benefit of a first-come, first-serve opportunity, especially when your child would be applying for scholarships or you want to apply for financial aid programmes. In case if you are switching from one school to a different school, you will be needing an original transfer certificate and other necessary documents, so start collecting documents to make sure t there are no delays during the high school admission process

Here is a step by step process of a High School Admission

Visiting the Campus

Parents and children should visit the campus of each and every school that has been shortlisted and that too as early as possible. This gives you the opportunity to evaluate everything from campus to curriculum, from facilities to faculties and especially aspects of CBSE School Fees Structure. This step will give you an overall and in-depth detail of each school and will help you narrow down a long list to a few potential schools.

Submitting the Application

Once you have finalized a few schools you need to submit your application online or offline as per school requirements and their process.

Make sure there is no error in the application (spelling mistake, wrong date of birth or address etc). Always double-check so that you do not have to face issues later and avoid to re-do the whole process once again

The basic requirement of each school would be to provide the below-given details.

  • Parents Contact information (Name, email address, phone number, and mailing address)
  • Child’s personal information (Name, contact number, gender, birth date, email address and mailing address)
  • Child’s academic information (current grade and current school details, the grade they are applying for and reason to switch)
  • There is also an application fee parents have to pay, it’s the cost of evaluating applicants. 


If the school shortlists your child, then you and your child may have to visit the school for an Interview. The counsellor will inform you about the date and therefore you do not have to worry.

This visit is not only an interview but here you can ask questions, clear all your doubts about the school in question. The counsellor will provide your child with in-depth detail of the school, classes, curriculum, assessment and teachers. They will also conduct oral Interviews to gauge student’s abilities and skills. It will help them to gauge  the child’s interests and  passions so that they can provide a specialised programme.

Submitting Documents

The basic documents need to be submitted along with the application form and are considered to be the first step towards seat confirmation. There will be counsellors to guide you through the documentation process.

List of Documents

  • Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Residential Address
  • Child’s Recent Passport Size Photo
  • Medical Certificate
  • Transfer Certificate  (in case of Transfer)

The school will use all the information from the application, interview and documents during the final selection of students. Some schools are more selective than others, it is always better to ask for School’s acceptance rate and what are their criteria for selection so that you and your child can be prepared in advance. The final decision will be yours as to whether or not you enrol your child in that school. 

Payment of Fees

Payment of Fees is confirmation of your child’s seat. Most of the schools take term fees during documentation while some before the commencement of the school. There are four-terms in a year and payment of the fees has to be done accordingly. In order to know more check out CBSE School Fees Structure for details of fees as per grade.


Knowing your child’s needs is a key step in choosing a school. Your goal is to make an informed decision; use digital resources or feel free to reach out to an admissions counsellor. Make the right decision and you will put them on a path toward lifelong learning and a successful career. Choose wisely, after all your child will spend the most formative and crucial growth years in the institute you have selected.


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