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How to Style with a Kaftan

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Though kaftan was originated in the Middle-east and Asia Minor, it took no time to spread around the world and become one of the major pieces of fashion. Today, this is a type of attire that you can wear in a beach party, an evening hangout, formal get-together, and so on. We all are quite aware about different types of kaftan like, boho kaftan beach cover-up, tie & dyed kaftans, and so many more. Do you know the background of this amazing dress? Read on to know more-

Different Types of Kaftans

There are varieties of kaftans are available in market, like-

Long Kaftans:

These are the standard and easiest style to find. The length of the ankle is up to your ankle, but the sleeves’ lengths can differ.

Short Kaftans:

Though traditional kaftans were designed to cover your entire body, the modern designers have put some of their excellent ideas and come up with short kaftans so that you can flaunt your beautiful legs. You can wear these kaftans with tights also.


V-neck kaftans are perfect for displaying your collar bones. If you want to be a bit bold, go for deep v-neck kaftans. Such designs are perfect to wear at friendly outings or family bar-b-que.


Usually, kaftans are like dresses, closed from the front side. But, many people prefer to keep it open from the front and wear as a boho kaftan beach cover-up. For creating the perfect spring or fall look, you can choose such styles.

Dual Layer: There are such types of kaftans that come with a solid first layer and a transperant second layer. Usually, such types were designed with solid colors, but nowadays, designers add embroideries, jewels, stones, etc. to make those more dramatic.

Fitted: Originally, kaftans are loose-fitted, but if you want to add layer, you can go for fitted kaftans from your waistline. These will flatter your figure and add versatility to your look. You can use a belt or sash to tie around your waist to create the happening look.

Top Tips for Choosing Your First Kaftan

If you are buying kaftan for the first time, you can follow these tips-

Often long kaftans feel a bit oversized. So, you can go for the shorter ones with drawstring at the waist. It will look more fitted on you.

Are you going to attend an evening cocktail party? How about choosing a kaftan with side sleets and deep V-neck? Also, you can choose it on silk to create more glamorous look.

There are certain designs that come with beadworks and embroideries around the neckline and sleeves. You can also go for that.

Want to create a more dramatic look? Go for a solid color kaftan with heritage prints on the sleeves and bright patterns.

Kaftans are for all. So, choose yours according to your size.

How to Wear a Kaftan

Kaftan is the other name of versatility and comfort. You can wear it while doing weekend errands or wear it at any evening party or as a loungewear. If you are hanging out with friends on a summer day, pair it up with flat and strappy sandals.

Are you wearing a sheer kaftan? Wear a camisole under it of the same color so that it looks amazing. If it is a short kaftan, wear it with solid-colored jeans.

If you are attending any formal event, you can wear a kaftan with a dazzled clutch and bold jewelry. Wear a smile and be confident!

Designers are evaluating the style of kaftans and you can expect new designs to beautify you. Buy the designs that suit your style.

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