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The Net Worth of Popular YouTubers: How Much Money Do They Make?

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If you’re a YouTuber, you know what it’s like to spend hours making videos every day, only to find out that they barely get any views. It can be discouraging. But what if you found out that some YouTubers are making millions of dollars every year? If this sounds appealing, then read on for more information about the net worth of popular YouTubers.

How much does a YouTuber make on YouTube?

In a study from Google, they found that: “90 percent of online marketers using YouTube see their audiences grow when they upload more videos. In fact, the average user is view on YouTube 31 times per day. YouTube videos generate 16.2 percent of all the internet traffic globally on the web.” This sounds amazing, right? These stats are comparable to traditional media. How did YouTubers get these stats? The most popular YouTubers make their money by selling merchandise. That includes shirts, toys, and of course, DVDs. Another way you can make money on YouTube is by earning sponsorship fees. YouTube partners with brands and gives them exclusive content for a price. This works the same as getting ads on your video.

What are some popular YouTubers?

Adults around the world are discovering the YouTube platform and using it as a platform to showcase their skills. Some of the most popular YouTubers are in the same boat. Some are household names. In fact, they are YouTube’s most subscribed vloggers in the world. Some even have large followings on other platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In the YouTube videos mentioned below, you’ll find not only the creator’s account names but also links to where you can purchase their videos or merchandise. It’s fun to play detective, especially when you have a connection to a YouTuber, and want to buy their product without breaking the bank. 7 popular YouTubers have a combined net worth of $2.5 billion, according to Money Magazine.

What is net worth?

Net worth is a figure that shows the total worth of your assets, minus your debts. It is a sum of all your assets and all your debts (if any), as reported by you. What is a YouTube subscriber worth? A YouTube subscriber is a person who subscribes to your channel. It’s a tally of your unique views and pageviews, as compared to other channels in the search results. For a long time, the median YouTube subscriber number was 20.81 million subscribers. Then, the figure got down to just 10.9 million in February 2017.

The net worth of popular YouTubers

Not all popular YouTube creators have a huge audience. In fact, many of them have modest followings. But that doesn’t make them any less successful. Here are the top 15 YouTubers who have made the most money over the past year. Logan Paul is perhaps one of the most popular and well-known YouTube creators out there. He’s make a few cameos in other popular shows, include Disney’s Shake It Up and Stranger Things. Logan currently has over 15 million subscribers on YouTube, so it’s no surprise that his channel has made him several million dollars over the past year. Logan is a bit different from other YouTube creators in that he rakes in more money from his channel than he does from his merchandising deals.


This man, whose real name is Olajide William Olatunji, was a runner-up on Britain’s version of The X Factor. He initially became popular when he was 18, in 2009. He uploaded videos of him talking about topics that interested him to YouTube, including superheroes, sport, and math. These videos were wildly popular, as he was able to capture and share videos that many other YouTubers didn’t upload. In 2011, he uploaded a video called “I am KSI” which received over two million views. By the end of 2011, KSI had over 10 million subscribers and was estimate to have earned over $3.6 million. KSI went on to star in his own YouTube Red series, called “Come Closer,” in which he and a number of other YouTubers went on adventures to do public service announcements.


YouTube superstar Pewdiepie has amassed millions of followers for his hilarious videos. He has more than 53 million subscribers on YouTube and also has a huge following on other platforms such as Twitter.He started to make videos on YouTube at the age of 15, and he now has a net worth of $15 million. He spends a lot of time working on the creative and technical aspects of the videos and streaming platforms. However, Pewdiepie may not be such a well-loved figure in the eyes of some YouTubers. One of his most popular videos involved him using racial slurs in his personal life. Even though he apologized for this several times, he still received a massive backlash from many of his followers. Pewdiepie, known as a straight man, would not tolerate any form of controversy in his videos.


Markiplier, or Markiplier Mark Yared, is a successful YouTuber and comic artist that’s make millions of dollars from his comedy videos on the website of the same name. His fans are known as “Markiplieratics.” In 2013, his gaming videos alone earned him $1.2 million in ad revenue. In 2017, Markiplier has made about $13 million, according to Forbes. He’s not yet 30 years old, so it seems like Markiplier has a bright future ahead of him.

Flying Beast

Gaurav Taneja, aka Flying Beast, is one of India’s most prominent YouTubers. He’s also recognize for being a fitness fanatic, commercial pilot and nutritionist. For their fascinating and amusing content, his YouTube videos are frequently seen makieing the round on the Internet.

People are often intrigue by Gaurav Taneja’s earnings, salary, and net worth. Gaurav Taneja’s net worth is believe to be more than 5 crores, according to socialraze.com.Gaurav Taneja makes the most of his money from YouTube videos and his job as a pilot.

Gaurav Taneja’s monthly YouTube Adsense salary is reporte to be over $26,000, which is roughly Rs. 19 lakh. He also has two other YouTube channels, FitMuscle TV and Rasbhari ke Papa, in addition to his Flying Beast channel. Gaurav Taneja’s monthly revenue is estimate to be more than $30,000, which is close to 22 lakhs, from all three YouTube channels and numerous sponsorships on them.


CarryMinati, an Indian Youtuber, is well-known for his roast-related videos. After his roast videos based on other videos available on social media became popular, the 20-year-old Youtuber catapulted to stardom. According to Filmy Siyappa, CarryMinati’s net worth as of February 2021 is predicate to be $4.3 million, or roughly Rs. 32 crores INR.CarryMinati’s earnings, on the other hand, have never been share with the audience.


If you want to become popular on YouTube, it’s important to take a number of steps. The first step is creating videos that are original, interesting, and engaging. You should also try to avoid a number of traps that YouTube’s algorithms set up to punish and discourage YouTubers from producing high-quality content. And if you succeed in finding your audience, you can make your videos become so popular that they start to generate a lot of ad revenue for your channel.


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