Kara and Nate: The Traveling YouTuber Couple

Kara and Nate are a travelling couple who have gained popularity on YouTube for their travel vlogs. They started their journey in 2016 and have since travelled to over 100 countries. With over 1.8 million subscribers, the couple has become one of YouTube’s most popular travel channels. In this article, we will look closely at Kara and Nate and what makes them unique.

Who Are Kara and Nate?

Kara and Nate are a married couple from the United States who quit their jobs in 2016 to travel the world. They started uploading videos to YouTube documenting their travels and their experiences along the way. Their channel has increased, with over 1.8 million subscribers.

What Makes Kara and Nate Unique?

One thing that makes Kara and Nate unique is their commitment to travelling on a budget. They regularly post videos about how they save money while travelling and tips on how to travel cheaply. This is a significant draw for many viewers who want to travel but may need more financial means.

Another unique aspect of Kara and Nate’s channel is their focus on cultural experiences. They often showcase local customs, traditions, and food in their videos, giving viewers a glimpse into the cultures they visit. This has helped them build a loyal fan base who appreciate their efforts to immerse themselves in the local culture.

Kara and Nate’s Content

Kara and Nate’s YouTube channel primarily focuses on travel vlogs. They upload videos documenting their experiences in various countries, including their adventures, food, and cultural backgrounds. Their videos are informative, entertaining, and visually appealing. They also produce content on travel hacking, sharing tips on how to travel on a budget.

Besides their YouTube channel, Kara and Nate also have a travel newsletter called Daily Drop. The newsletter teaches fans “how to travel hack your way around the world” and earns them around $5K monthly. They also make from affiliate marketing, reaching around $10K to $20K per month.

Kara and Nate’s Earnings

Based on a CPM of $4, the YouTuber couple could earn up to $2K daily from YouTube ads. Their monthly earnings from YouTube ads alone could reach $60K. Combined with their affiliate marketing and travel newsletter profits, they could be well over $100K per month.

Kara and Nate’s Impact

Kara and Nate’s impact on the travel industry is significant. Their videos have inspired many people to travel and have given them practical tips on how to do so on a budget. They have also helped promote lesser-known destinations and provided a platform for small businesses in the travel industry. Additionally, as they often feature sustainable travel practices in their videos, they have encouraged responsible travel.


Kara and Nate are a travelling couple who have gained fame on YouTube for their travel vlogs. Their commitment to travelling on a budget, showcasing local cultures, and providing practical travel tips has earned them a loyal fan base. Their impact on the travel industry has been significant, inspiring many to travel and promoting sustainable and responsible travel practices. With over 1.8 million subscribers and growing Kara and Nate are undoubtedly one of the most influential travel channels on YouTube.

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