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Suit Jacket vs Blazer – A Detailed Comparison!

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Should I wear a suit jacket or blazer? Do they both have any difference? Can they be interchangeable?

Many questions arise before heading to company parties, weddings, or business meetings. Specific people always keep the difference in mind and wear according to the occasions. However, as fashion picks a new trend of mix and match, people get various choices in making their appearance memorable for everyone.

Men’s wardrobe equipped with classic jackets, sport coats, blazers, and bespoke shirts. However, they lack behind in the difference between them. A lot of customers perceive suit jackets and blazers as the same thing. But there is actually a difference.

These two garments have different sartorial details, including the shoulders or the inside finish of the jacket. Each cut in the jacket and blazer define the unique style and level of formality. Therefore, before heading to any particular occasion, it’s always a good idea to clear out the difference between them and wear them accordingly.

Let’s clear the difference between a suit jacket and a blazer!

Table of Content

A Detailed Difference Between Suit Jacket & Blazer

  • Definition
  • The Models
  • The Shoulders
  • The Inside
  • Fabrics

Sum Up – Suit Jacket & Blazer!

A Detailed Difference Between Suit Jacket & Blazer


Suit Jacket

A jacket is a segment of a suit that has matching trousers and a vest. This outerwear part belongs to a whole composed suit. In recent trends, men carry it with various jeans, chinos, and trousers, depending on the colours. But usually, the suit jacket is only a perfect piece to wear with matching trousers for enhancing the formal look.


Blazer has a unique identity in comparison to jackets. This masterpiece is specially designed to wear with mismatched trousers. Navy Blazer is the most popular piece. It’s a double-breasted blue blazer with six golden buttons and flap pockets. Whereas, the single-breasted blazer develops from the club blazer, which has patch pockets.

The Models

Both jackets and blazers are available in different styles and colours. However, jackets are used on formal occasions. Whereas, blazers have a casual purpose.

Suit Jacket

Suit jackets can be both single-breasted (with 2 or 3 buttons) and double-breasted (with 6 or 4 buttons) pieces. A more formal jacket has welt pockets but the less formal jacket contains flap pockets. By hiring a professional tailor with best suit alterations services, individuals can alter their tailor-made suit jackets. So, choose one of your favorite models like single-breasted with two buttons, single-breasted with three buttons, single-breasted with two buttons and peak lapels, single-breasted with two buttons and wide lapels, double-breasted, double-breasted with wide lapels.


Blazers are available in two different models – single-breasted and double-breasted. Its single-breasted jacket contains 2 buttons and double-breasted holds 6 buttons with lapels and patch pockets. They can be customized according to the measurement of an individual. So, choose your favourite models from – double-breasted with peak lapels and patch pockets, single-breasted with patch pockets, and single-breasted with flap pockets.

The Shoulders

Every brand and nation holds different fashion statements and similarly in terms of shoulder style – “A rollino”, “a camicia”, “Neapolitan”, “Italian”, “English”.

Suit Jacket

Italian suit jackets shoulders have the “a rollino” shoulder structure. These hand-made pieces are fabricated accurately and attentionally. Thanks to this technique, the shoulder provides its typical rounded look. This makes the entire shape of the jacket well-defined and realistic.


A blazer is often constructed with bespoke men’s shirts-shoulders, which is called “a camicia”. It holds the same technique that is used for shirts. In this, the extra fabric is pushed below the shoulder. It changes the entire look of the blazer and provides a softer feel, which adds a natural shape to the shoulders.

The Inside

Suit Jacket

The suit jackets have the interfacing technique, which provides softness and tightness. In this technique, the common lightweight wool canvas stretches from the roll line and shoulders to the bust. So, it keeps the line smooth. The internal stitching and lining explain the quality of the jacket. The suit jackets have more comfortable fittings than a blazer.


Blazers are casual pieces. A blazer can’t be as poised as the suit jacket. It holds the typical unlined and unpadded structure. Even though the lapels of the blazers aren’t stitched properly. It is lightweight but comfortable to wear in multiple clothes.


Suit Jacket

The fabric of a suit jacket must match with the trousers’ fabrics. The material must be resolute, tear and abrasion-resistant. A suit jacket is a formal coat. Therefore, the colour, patterns, and details must be appropriate according to the business occasion.


The fabric of the blazer can be chosen regardless of the trousers. But, the material should be strong, sturdy, and holds the different patterns along with various details.

Sum Up – Suit Jacket & Blazer!

The write-up contains the difference between suit jackets and blazers. Both pieces have many characteristics and advantages whether you’re thinking about wearing them during weddings or business meetings. No one is greater than the other one because it depends on the occasion. So, choose your custom-made suits and shirts according to your requirements.


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