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Student accommodation in Bolton – Find the best one in 2024 

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Bolton is a historic town which is located in the Greater Manchester. This beautiful city is known for its growing cultural scene. It is one of the UK’s most interesting towns and it is perfect if you want to pursue your higher education. Till the 16th century, this town was renowned for its woollen textiles. However, by the 18th century, cotton was replaced with wool. Bolton is a wonderful place as it offers students with easy access to the mesmerizing countryside. From charming heritage to a plethora of entertainment, this place will keep you busy. You will be glad to know that the events calendar will be jam-packed. Here you can enjoy some of the best North West events, comprising of the country’s largest food and drinks festival. If you want to pursue education from here, then here are the best tips to find the most suitable student accommodation in Bolton.

Best tips to find the perfect student accommodation in Bolton

Start scouting early

Once you have decided whether you want to share a place with your friend or want to stay all by yourself, you should initiate the process of house hunting. You can start by searching a few months before the semester starts. This way you will have enough time to look at the multiple locations. You can check the campus listings or ask classmates for recommendations about accommodation in Bolton for students.

You can also connect with the social media group to find the best option to stay. Alumni of your college can also share their personal experiences and point you to the right spots since they are more familiar with the city and the safe neighbourhood. If you still cannot find the best option, you can check the local listings for average rent prices. Do your research on the neighbourhoods you are eyeing to see if it is safe to travel in the evening or if the private student accommodation Bolton is accessible by public transportation. You need to consider how close it is to your university so that you can factor in the price and time for commute. 

Determine your budget

Before you start hunting for the best Bolton accommodation student, it is also essential to determine how much you can afford to spend on the property. This will help you decide and narrow down your search to the properties within the budget. Consider all the expenses including the rent, price of utility, food, and other expenses when you set your budget. 

Be realistic with your expectations

Your budget as well as your wishlist of amenities go hand-in-hand while determining the accommodation you can afford. After all, you can get so much with the amount you are prepared to spend. If you want the additional amenities like the gym as well as pool access.

The same thing goes for sharing the accommodation with friends as well as classmates. You can easily set up the house rules as well as split all the bills. If you want to stay alone, then you should be aware of how much you have to spend. You should consider whom to call in case of any emergency. 

Besides, you will also need to remember that the student rentals might not be as glamorous as the movies. Pictures also get augmented to enhance appeal as well as marketability, so it is essential to ask for actual pictures. 

Research the location

When finding student accommodation in Bolton UK, you need to consider the location. Look for the proximity to the campus, public transportation as well as grocery stores. Living near the campus can help you save time in reaching the lectures. Also, living in an area with local amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, etc. Can make your life much easier. 

Consider the type of accommodation

There is a wide range of the best student accommodation in Bolton available comprising of dorms, apartments, shared housing as well as homestay. You need to compare the pros and cons of every kind of accommodation and then make the decision. For instance, the forms offer a more social atmosphere while the apartments can offer you more privacy. 

Check for safety and security

Safety and security are quite important when looking for cheap student accommodation Bolton. Research the crime rate in the neighborhood and look if the property has security measures in place or not. Look for CCTV, secure entrances, locks on doors, and so on.


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